Most of my friends at Unruly are British. I know they’re British because I’ve been to their office in London, England, and heard them speaking with a British accent. Heck, I even had a cup of tea while I was there. And even though the 4th July celebrates independence from the Brits, Unruly is joining in the fun by confirming the 100 most shared tea-themed videos of all time, but it’s also released an infographic featuring 10 famous – but hidden – internet memes in the Boston Tea Party scene. Can you find them all? Not to boast but we got all ten :-)

July4th 2014 social badge

Top 5 Most Shared Tea Ads

#1 How To #BeMoreTea with Lipton & The Muppets!
20,425 shares in last 365 days

#2 Lipton Peach Iced Tea U.S. Commercial
6,125 shares in last 365 days

#3 Snapple Real Fact #444
5,033 shares in last 365 days

#4 Charlene Soraia Wherever You Will Go – Twinings
4,854 shares in last 365 days

#5 Snapple Real Fact #238
3,343 shares in last 365 days

To all my Unruly friends on both sides of the pond, I hope you’re doing well and getting ready for a nice weekend – even if the weekend on our side of the pond just happens to be a day longer than the one on your side this week! And, thanks, I will take you up on your kind invitation to take an afternoon video break, check out your Tea-infused Viral Video Chart, and go on a meme hunt.