Are you tired of having the real world intrude upon your mobile experience? Don’t want to have to worry about those around you or things going on nearby while you’re trying to be virtually social with your mobile device? With this latest app I found, you won’t need to!

Welcome to the new world of Ignorify, the app that let’s you complete ignore the outside world. No longer will iOS users ever need to acknowledge what’s going on around them. With Ignorify, they can simply ignore the real world, right through the app itself, and continue to watch video, be social, play games, etc…

Concerned about needing to peal off some mental processing to avoid obstacles while you walk and watch our weekly Creator’s Tips videos? Well don’t! With Ignorify you will just get a pop up alerting you to that fire hydrant about to take out your shin, so you don’t even need to look away from your screen or lose your focus on Tim Schmoyer’s tips for video marketing.

Even if you do manage to screw it up and are unable to use the app properly. The app is there to help. Say you don’t heed a warning about an oncoming van heading your way and POW it hits you because of user error. Ignorify will sense the impact and call for an ambulance so you don’t even need to stop emailing for that.

Check out the announcement video for Ignorify (which you can watch on your iPad uninterrupted with their app):

Because the Real World is for Losers…

Alright, clearly it’s a spoof. It was made for the the 4th Annual Shorty Awards on Monday and is a great social commentary on how much of our life we might be missing because of our addition to digital.

The Shorty Awards were made to honor the best users of things like Twitter and Social Media. Here’s some copy from their site:

“The public is invited to nominate social media users for excellence over the past year. Each award recognizes a content creator’s entire body of work, not just an individual tweet or post. Nominations are made by tweeting or through”

More information on how the Shorty Awards work →

It’s one of the things that I would like to, one day, achieve myself in fact. One day…