The International Advertising Bureau’s Video Council UK (IABUK) has just recently set forth a new set of best practices in regards to online video marketing and video advertising for 2011. Since we tend to talk a lot about those things I figured you might all be interested in what the IAB has to say on the matter. 

The IABUK’s Online Video Marketing guide details a lot of things that many of us, ReelSEO and its readers, should and do know (especially when ReelSEO is “The Online Video Marketer’s Guide”). But there might be some juicy tidbits of info that you just didn’t glean from all the things you’ve seen and read over time.

The guide is broken down into a wide variety of video marketing & video advertising topics including:

Video definitionsGetting startedVideo with other media
Video five step guidePlanning and setting objectivesCreativity and execution
Filming an online video advertBuying and deliveryTargeting video ads
Measuring successOnline video audienceUnderstanding video
Why video worksVoD advertising regulationCase studies

In the Getting Started area the IABUK offers an interesting set of information. Some things are sort of blatantly obvious like:

With online video, the higher the quality or the longer the clip, the more receptive a consumer will be to advertising.

Some interesting insights into what videos people are watching:

Why they watch:

And how they watch:

In addition to that they also give some really great information on video advertising formats:

  • Pre/mid/post-roll adverts
  • Interactivity
  • Overlays: banners, tickers and bugs
  • Interactive video player skins
  • Companion ads
  • Product placement
  • Viral

In Viral they suggest that most videos that are bound to go viral need a paid platform to help seed them. However, we’ve all seen videos go viral without any kind of seeding at all. OK Go is a group whose videos go viral and in my interview with Ok Go, Tim clearly stated that they don’t use a company or service to seed views on their videos.

Their Interactivity section was pretty interesting and while all of the online information is fairly basic they did give a good list of some things that can be done within the player via viewer interaction:

  • Display further product information
  • Display live data
  • Purchase a product
  • Multiple videos (select other videos, influence a story by choosing a different ending etc)
  • Data capture with forms
  • Games
  • Votes / polls
  • Chat and social media integration
  • Downloads and other functionality

I wish I had access to the full set of guidelines so we might be able to dive into it section by section and drill down to the true nuggets of information that are buried there. But alas, we will have to muddle through with the online version. Check out the IABUK’s Online Video Marketing guide or become a member of the IAB and download the full guide.