When it comes to making viral videos, you probably know the “triggers” that you need, whether it’s sexy, funny, surprising, emotional, etc.  But come on…how do you really make a viral video?  You have to come up with something that you know everyone loves and can’t resist.  Before we get to the reason for this post, I’d like to share one of the best all-time videos in how to make a video go viral:

And oh yeah, one more answer from Nigahiga in the neverending search for virality:

Now, the guys at Hunka Wunda, who just created a new YouTube channel, have come out with their idea for a can’t-miss viral hit (some bad language):

If you were to take a cross-section of what hits on the internet, you’d have to say they’re on the right track, right?  Anyway, going back to what Grace Helbig said, “Stop thinking that way.”  To put it in better perspective, stop thinking “viral” and start thinking preparation and story.  The “viral” part is out of your control, but if you focus on the important things in making an entertaining video, getting people to share it isn’t going to be hard.