Yes! I was, as always, right! Well, maybe not always but it seems more and more lately in this online video prognostication thing I’ve been doing. A while back Netflix and Miramax signed a deal for streaming rights to the library. Now, and totally not a surprise to me, Hulu has also signed a deal with them for just about the same thing. Huzzah!

If you’ve forgotten, Miramax went out on the chopping block to the highest bidder late last year. As a way to monetize the content I figured they would start cutting deals with the big online video platforms for streaming. Then Netflix closed the deal some two weeks ago. Oddly, there was no mention of Hulu in a deal with them who I had thought would be first since those negotiations came to light first.

Apparently, Netflix is just better at negotiating those deals, or paid extra to get a jump on the competition? Really, I don’t care which has it because in my cord-cutting experiment I’ll probably have both.

Fewer Titles, & Supported By Ads

Alright, I lied, I do care who has them. You see, the Hulu deal is not quite as cool as the Netflix one. Netflix will have some 700 or so films to check out. Hulu will rotate 15 films at a time through the free site and has just 27 films ready today, on its launch. Netflix will stream them without ads, Hulu will…wait a second what? Hulu will show ads on film content?


But that’s the deal, according to an article by Hollywood Reporter.

Still Semi-Clueless

Here’s a quote from Andy Forssell Sr. VP Content and Distribution at Hulu

To anyone who really loves movies, the name Miramax matters.

I would say in reply: Anyone who really loves movies, doesn’t want them to be interrupted by bloody ads! Therefore, if I’m interested in streaming any Miramax films, I’ll be doing it through Netflix.

In fact, if I can find all of the other content I’m now getting through Hulu at either the broadcaster streaming sites or someplace like Netflix, you can bet I’ll be going there.

No, not because they won’t show ads, the Big 3 do. I’ll be doing it to boycott Hulu’s putting ads against paid content and films. If we wanted the lame Saturday afternoon film re-run situation where they’re loaded down with ads, we’d just watch them on cable.

Then again, with a Hulu Plus account I could get my TV and the films from one account. See how delicate a balance once must tread in this cord-cutting endeavor? Like I said, I’ll document the whole of it for an article.

How can Hulu still not quite grasp the reality of their industry? I do realize they need to turn a profit. I know they have high licensing costs. But then again, so does Netflix and they manage to not show ads on their content. So I ask you, Hulu, how can you not manage it? Perhaps there are simply too many hands in the cookie jar over there. That could ultimately be your downfall because your owners are triple dipping and two of them are coming from your own pockets.

On Hulu Plus, 27 titles are available today, with hundreds more to be added steadily over the next month or so. For those of you who are Hulu Plus subscribers, enjoy playing Pulp Fiction and many other great Miramax films in HD today on your Internet-connected TV, phone, or iPad. If you’re not a Hulu Plus subscriber, it’s a great time to try the service free for a week. And, in addition to all these great movies being added to Hulu Plus, starting in mid-June, we’ll be showcasing a selection of Miramax titles each month for free on the ad-supported Hulu service. This is the first time Miramax has made films available to movie fans on an ad-supported, on-demand streaming basis.

Right, because even they know that we don’t really want ads in our films…and Netflix already beat you to the punch on the non-ad-supported side.