Hulu, who is all over sale rumors, is continuing to tie online video to social networking. They’ve just recently bolstered the bridge with several new features that allow for commenting on shows while watching them and sharing that out to Facebook. I stumbled upon some information in one of their recent blog posts that I thought would be of interest to you all.

Interact. One of the most exciting features we are launching today is the ability to comment on a specific moment in time while watching any video on Hulu, and with one click, instantly share those remarks — and the relevant video moment from the program — on Facebook for all your friends to see.

See now they’ve literally stolen the LeanIn business model (or LeanIn is supplying them with this?). Maybe a lawsuit is in order? Maybe they did research or maybe they think they came up with the idea first. It sounds pretty close to what Luke and Co are doing up in Canada. What say you Luke (who I know is reading this)?

Personalize. Now you can easily log on to Hulu—or create a new account—using your Facebook account. From there, you’ll be able to interact with all of your Facebook friends. You’ll log into a homepage tailored to you, where you can see your friends’ favorite shows, and start conversations with anybody who follows the same shows you do.

Nothing big and exciting here, even GDN has this capability as it’s one of the easiest Facebook hooks to get working (from my experience).

Discover. I discovered some of my favorite shows (like Coupling—the UK version, of course) because a friend recommended them. With Facebook on Hulu, you can introduce your friends to shows you’re rooting for, and discover new favorites with the help of your friends, too.

The same as Liking a page on a website?

Connect. To link your Hulu and Facebook accounts, use the “Connect” button on your next visit to Hulu. Or visit


Well it seems Hulu understands that we like to talk about TV shows we’re watching and lots of us, myself included, have found shows through friends. It was especially important when I was living outside of the country so I had some roadmap of what I should have been watching whenever it was available. Now Hulu is making it easier for friends who all have Hulu to tell each other what to watch or have a discussion about what they are watching while doing it.