I heard a bunch of stuff about Hulu putting themselves up for sale again and I decided not to cover one bit of it.  Because the speculation back in 2011 never ended, and we wrote articles about it thinking one of those big companies was going to land it.  Then it didn’t happen.  And this time, it sounded like a lot of the same.  Either the story was that it sold, or it didn’t.  And guess what?  It didn’t.  Hulu, which is owned by Fox, Universal, and Disney, has decided to put $750 million back into the company and keep it in the family.

Hulu Doesn’t Sell for the Second Time

TechCrunch is reporting from a press release by Hulu that the site sees 30 million unique visitors a month and generated $690 million last year.  They expose more ads to viewers than any other video property out there.

The problem always seems to come down to who owns the rights to what, and I don’t think any of those groups (Universal “NBC,” Fox, or Disney “ABC”) are interested in giving other companies the rights to stream their TV shows for a long period of time without a significant investment.  It’s what happened last time, as Hulu wanted more than $2 billion and only 2 years of guaranteed streaming rights to the winner.  But no one could agree on either the money or the length of the streaming rights.

Next time this Hulu business comes up, just ignore it.  If it ever sells, that will be a story.