HTML 5 isn’t even a solid set of standards and yet, we’ve now already got an ad network for it thanks to MeFeedia who have already launched HTML5 Video as part of their All Player video ad solution. On top of that mDialog also introduced HTML 5 and Adaptive video streaming for their service now and offer far more than just pre-roll ads.

MeFeedia’s latest version of their All Player platform now gives advertisers the ability to hit almost every connected device. The platform offers HTML 5 video tags with Flash fallback to still support the browsers that haven’t quite got HTML 5 implemented yet. That means everything from the iPad to older browsers will be able to view ads from MeFeedia advertisers.

MeFeedia currently offers pre-roll for HTML 5 based video and streams over 50M streams per month.

Their All Player features:

  • Any player, any site and they already support 100’s of players (though I can’t really name 100’s personally)
  • Worldwide reach with our global video ad solutions.
  • Zero hassle, fast integration & no ongoing maintenance. Simply copy/ paste HTML (no complex flash integration required)

The MeFeedia All Player HTML 5 ad solution only utilizes H.264 and is used on an opt-in basis where MeFeedia has established direct relationships with the content producers.  A current list of content partners can be found here and includes the likes of Hulu, Vimeo, ABC, CBS, Revision3, and many others.

MeFeedia also announced HTML5 support for their video search engine which gives users the ability to search for videos across the web that can be played on HTML5 capable devices and browsers (IE – you can search for and watch videos on your iPad.)  You can see this in action at  Just check the box that says “HTML5 Only” or add “&filter=html5” to the query URL.

They are also supporting the HTML 5 audio in MP3 for all your podcasters and musicians out there.

Not only that but they’re also adding canvas games and applications support so they’ll be covering the whole gamut of what can be accomplished with the new HTML 5 media tags. It certainly looks like they’re on the right track and I imagine that this is only one of the first.

Speaking of firsts

mDialog also recently announced they have implemented HTML 5 video ad insertio. mDialog does mobile video, in-stream ad managment and moer. They’re created an adaptive video streaming service based on HTML 5 with Dynamic Ad-insertion. Hot Damn! They’re Video as a Service (VaaS) means you can start quickly monetizing all that iPad traffic that you’re hoping will some piling into your video content as users start surfing for new content. mDialog delivers seamless in-stream ad-insertion, ensuring no gaps between video ads in content on mDialog iPad / iPhone Video Player SDK and HTML5-enabled video browsers, such as Safari for the iPad.

Their platform allows for optimized ads and ad-insertion for users based on behavior, location, day-parting and more. They offer in-stream, pre/mid and post-roll placements as well as to-the-second, dynamic and real-time insertions.

“mDialog offers not only feature parity with desktop Flash video-based players, but provides viewers with a better overall user experience and more nuance in choices and styles of to-the-second ad insertions,” commented Greg Philpott, President and Founder, mDialog. “And from a targeting perspective, the geo-targeting, device frequency capping and other means of pinpointing a specific audience are far more accurate with mDialog.”

With the combination of HTML 5 and Adaptive Video Streaming implemented they are certainly one of the first and could help to drive the market towards widespread adoption.

For each video to be delivered, it’s necessary to create four or five alternate video files using MPEG-4 H.264 at various bitrates/quality. Each file then needs to be wrapped in an MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) and segmented into many micro TS files and uploaded to the cloud for streaming. Rather than manually generating this myriad of files for each and every video, mDialog simplifies and automates the processes needed to realize the full potential of the protocol in the Apple mobile ecosystem for a media publisher’s video properties.

mDialog’s video ingest service features the following:

  • Encode multiple H.264 renditions from your video master
  • Create MPEG-2 Transport Streams for each rendition
  • Create segmented files for each rendition
  • Create multiple image thumbnails for each rendition
  • Securely upload video assets and images to your mDialog account

Greg Philpott, founder and president of mDialog had this to say, “Combining adaptive streaming with our existing HTML5 video expertise positions mDialog as the leading video platform for Apple’s mobile devices, specifically the newly launched iPad.”

mDialog offers two delivery methods — embedded HTML5 video via Safari for iPad / iPhone / Mac, and the mDialog Video Player SDK for iPad and iPhone.