Just last week, YouTube announced their own video editor that allows you to edit your videos directly on YouTube. How cool is that! That same night, because I couldn’t sleep from the excitement, I created a how-to video showing how 5 easy ways to use the YouTube video editor.

Here are 5 ways to use YouTube’s Video Editing Tool…

1. Give Your Videos a Trim

If you record your own videos, you should definitely use YouTube’s Video Editor to remove the beginning and end of your videos. Nobody wants to see you run back and forth to the video camera to hit that record button :)

2. Add a Intro

Intros are a great way to introduce yourself and to let people know about your website so they can visit it for more information after watching your video. Although YouTube’s video editor doesn’t specifically allow you to add a intro to your video, there is a way to get around this. Using Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, create a presentation with a single slide (5 to 7 seconds long) that contains your picture and a title for your video. Use the “Create a Movie” option to save that presentation as a movie file and upload it to YouTube Once it’s on YouTube, you can drag the video version of the Powerpoint presentation into the 1st video slot in the editor’s timeline, followed by the clip containing the actual video in the second slot. This will combine both video clips into single video when you publish your video. If you’re not using Powerpoint 2010, you can download a free tool called “PPT to Video” from Acoolsoft.com that will convert your presentation into a movie file compatible with YouTube.

3. Clean up the Clutter

With this new video editor, many people will be uploading unedited video clips and intros with the intention of combining them into a single video. Once you’ve published your new video masterpiece, don’t forget to delete these unedited video clips otherwise they will show up and clutter your YouTube channel. Another option is to set these videos as “Private” so they won’t visible to anyone else but you and the video editor.

4. Spice Up Your Presentation with Legitimate Tunes

If you enjoy sharing information in the form of a Powerpoint presentation or a photo slideshow, then why not spice it up by adding a Royalty-free music track directly from the video editor itself. YouTube offers you tens of thousands of music tracks from a variety of genres. Search by genre or artist, preview the song, then choose the one that best matches the energy of your presentation. Just beware that the music track you chose will replace the existing audio from your video, which is not good if your presentation contains a voiceover.

5. Shoot Once, Edit Later

Since all the editing can now be done on YouTube, you might want to consider leaving the camera rolling and shooting your video in one single shot with mistakes and all. This way you can upload a single video and add it to your video timeline multiple times, each time editing and trimming the individual clips to only include the parts you need. When uploading the single video, keep in mind that YouTube won’t accept videos that are more than 10 mins long.

Once you had a chance to try out the new YouTube video editor for yourself, let us know what new features you think YouTube should add to make it better.

About our Guest Author:

Hani Mourra is an online video coach and creator of EasyOnlineVideoTips.com. He teaches a Free 7-Part Video Course for Business titled, “How To Create a YouTube Video To Market Your Business Online TODAY”.