In this week’s Creator’s Tip episode we talk with Scooter Magruder, a winning Vlogger in this year’s YouTube’s NextUp Program & Contest. Scooter shares with us his advice, tips, and tricks as to how to build and develop an audience in YouTube for your vlog and how to differentiate your vlog so as to stand out from the others.

Advice & Tips from YouTube’s Next Vlogger, Scooter Magruder

ReelSEO: What are some tips and ideas you have for us vloggers to really make the vlogs stand out and do well?

Scooter Magruder: Find someone who inspires you.  Look at their techniques and tips.  Copy the techniques but give them your own personal spin.

Be sure to notice little details in the vlogs you admire including when the music cuts in and out or their intro, backgrounds, etc but let these techniques reflect your own personal style.

RS: Who are some of the one that you guys watch the you learn from?

Scooter Magruder: Look at all types of vloggers.  There is something to be learned from every type of vlog – especially those who are targeting your same target audience.

RS: Can you what outcuts and jet cuts are?

Scooter Magruder: An outcut basically is when you hear the audio before you see the video.  A lot of these vlogs talk really fast when they’re talking and they outcut.  So you can get a  lot more in in a short period of time.  So something to look at is jump cutting and L cutting.  Just search it on YouTube and it really helps out, especially when you’re first starting off.

RS: What about content?  How do you come up with your next idea for your next vlog?

Scooter Magruder: I draw from just life, life experiences.  So things have happened to me, I’ll just want to make a video about it.

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Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. Welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we here at ReelSEO just help you guys make content just to
stand out really well on the web. This week we’re talking with a guy named Scooter, who’s the recent winner of the YouTube Next Up Vlogger Contest. Tell us
real briefly what that is, and how you did it, and all that kind of stuff.

First of all, thanks for having me on the show. I watch it every week. Second of all, YouTube Next Up is basically an initiative that YouTube has where
they provide training and support for, sort of, people they see on the rise. And this competition was for the next vlogger. Sixteen people were selected.
It was an international competition, and you had to be a partner. And basically Google picked the top 16 people who they want to invest in.

It’s just as hard for guys to put the seat down as it is for girls to lift it up.

Hey, Frank, I think we have to do more work, actually, because we’re going, we’re pushing it up. That requires more effort to me. All you’ve gotta, boop,
that’s all you gotta do.

I know a lot of you guys out there are vloggers. I have a vlog channel myself that I’ve been doing since 2006 with my family. What are some tips and ideas
that you have for us, for vloggers to just really make our vlogs stand out and do well?

Well, one of the first things that I would recommend to anyone is look at someone who’s doing it who you are inspired by. Look at their techniques and
tricks. So, copy their techniques, but make your own style. Because when I started out, I wanted to be the black Clive Jumbo, the black Ryan Eggold, but
then, as I figured out, I was like, I don’t need to be the black Ryan Eggold or the black captain. I can be the black Scooter Magruder. So copy the
techniques. You’ll hear really subtle things. Like, notice when the music comes in on some of the vlogs. Notice when it goes out. These things are really
little things that you don’t notice, but take their tactics, and then make your own style from everything.

Cool, cool. And as far as watching other vloggers, who are some of the one that you guys watch the you learn from?

I watch all types of vloggers basically. You can learn from anyone. Even you don’t have the same target audience, say the same target demographic, just
watch their techniques, and you can learn from what they’re doing. Outcuts, great thing.

Why don’t you explain what outcuts and jet cuts are?

An outcut basically Is when you hear the audio before you see the video. And that’s something that’s really subtle that you see on some vlogs, and it makes
it — You can cut quicker. A lot of these vlogs they either talk really fast when theyre talking and they outcut. So you can get a lot more in in a short
period of time. So something to look at is jump cutting and L cutting. Just search it on YouTube and it really helps out, especially when you’re first
starting off because a lot of people can’t sit through these long vlogs that people are doing. They want to hear what you have to say.

How about content? What do you do? How do you come up with your next idea for your next vlog, your next content, because your vlogs are mostly standing in
front of a camera, talking, my vlogs are more just walking around big con kind of thing, so how do you come up with contents to produce you r videos.

I draw from just life, life experiences. So things have happened to me, I’ll just want to make a video about it. So, for example, Christmas time, I made a
video, Why Santa Can’t be Black

What police officer do you know that’s going to realistically bring black man, broke into a house to put presents there? And can you imagine a black person
dressed in all red trying to deliver presents in the hood.

I’ve noticed that females, they have a certain way of texting all the time, so I made a video, How to text e-mails. Make sure to use all smiley faces and
exclamation points as periods. They do this with everyone. Hate to burst your bubble, but they do it with everyone, brothers, sisters, parents,
grandparents, pastors, everyone. So just things that I know people will want to watch, because I mean, you search why Santa can’t be black, that’s
something that people are interested it. So just generic things that you can inspire from everyday life.

Cool. Well tell us where we can find your channel. Where are you at?

I’m at Or you can type in I’m a Grown Man dot com. It’ll direct you to my YouTube page. I don’t play games.

Hey, and Google Plus. And Google Plus, I follow you on Google plus, pretty active there as well as Twitter and other places.

Please, if you are watching this video —

Which you are,

Follow me on Google because I need more people. I don’t know where they — look, follow me on Google Plus.

Cool, well thanks for hanging out with us, Man, appreciate it. And if you guy have any tips or ideas, if you’re a vlogger yourdelf, we’d love to hear them.
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