Video Production Tip: How To Use A Gray Card for Great Video Exposure

I’ve often made the assertion that quality video production is important for successful online video marketing.  Sure, some viral videos aren’t the most professional when it comes to the video production aspects, but, if you plan to produce your own videos for marketing your business, why not shoot for the best. Several months ago, I stumbled upon a video professional and internet marketer who has devoted the last several years to showing others how to produce quality videos – via online video.  In his own words,

“It’s not the ‘black art’ that people sometimes pretend it is. Developing skills with video is as easy as learning the principles and then practicing them.”

Israel-HymanHis name is Israel Hyman (Izzy) and he runs a valuable membership website at IzzyVideo. Israel was kind enough to partner with us at ReelSEO in order to share with you readers some of his popular video training episodes. Below is a great video about how to get proper video exposure using an 18% gray card. Rather than go on and on about how cool Izzy is, why good exposure is important and how to use a gray card – I’ll let you sit back and watch Izzy.

Ok, I said I wouldn’t go on and on about how cool Izzy is.  I lied.  Here is what I’ll say.  My dad, Rick Robertson (hi Dad) was a professional cinematographer his entire life and knows a thing or two about professional video production.  He worked on many well-known movies (Spinal Tap -great one), TV shows, documentaries and music videos.  Last week, my dad and I sat together and spent about 2 hours watching Izzy’s tutorials.  My dad said,

“See, this guy is good.  He knows what he is talking about.  You should reach out to him.  I bet your readers could really benefit from this stuff.”

And so I did… Stay tuned for more videos from Izzy on ReelSEO each month and please visit IzzyVideo.

Oh yeah, if you want to get one of those cool collapsable 18% grey cards, they have them at Here.  I picked one up myself.

Thanks Izzy ;-)