How To Make A Video Website From Your YouTube Channel

This week we look at the recent news of the online video world and highlight a lot of statistics that have come up regarding online video usage, views, and consumptions. These statistics show that, if you’re thinking about getting into online video, now is the time to do so before it completely takes off without you.

We also looked at a great service for turning your YouTube channel into a complete video website, all for free, using VidCaster.

How To Make A Video Website & Other Stories

QUESTION: Why do Android users dominate online video views?

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This week on the Reel Web, I want to review with you guys a whole bunch of different statistics that came out last week about online video. Also, I want to show you how to turn your YouTube channel into a website and there’s a really cool after effects tutorial for you guys who want to do an ink reveal without having to buy a whole bunch of like, different assets and things. That’s all coming up this week on the Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web. Every week we just highlight some of the stuff that happened in the online video world the week before and this week we’re going to start with some stuff that came out on, Kevin Nalty’s blog. Kevin points out some research from TV Guide that indicates that 15% of the respondents said that they will watch more than six hours of online video per week.

What’s cool about that is that the year before last year, that number was only at 4% of people said they watch about six hours of online video a week. That number is growing very rapidly. To me, that indicates that if you have any thoughts or ideas at all about getting into online video, now is the time to do it. Get in on the bottom floor before the elevator takes off and I don’t know, that’s the first analogy that came to my head.

But other statistics that popped up on the web are saying the exact same thing, an infographic by came out and some highlights for me are,
people who watch a humorous video are more than three times as likely to check out a brand’s Facebook page after viewing than those who just watch
other types of video content.

A lot of people think that you need some big celebrities or something in your videos to really make them take off online but it turns out research says
that’s not true either. Celebrities don’t guarantee engagement, in fact, celebrity videos drive 12% fewer visits to brand’s Facebook pages than
non-celebrity videos.

A lot of people are saying long form content on the internet doesn’t really work that well, keep your videos short. But there is a point where if you
get them too short, they’ll have the reverse effect as well. It turns out that videos that are longer than one minute account for 49% of all social
views on the internet. So keep your videos short, yes, but don’t go too short.

This infographic also says a lot about the differences between gender and video online consumption but what I found most interesting is that ages
12-17, their viewing habits online increased by 48% just in 2011. Some other interesting information on that infographic, I linked to it below so you
can check out the whole thing.

Another report came out last week from tumongol and brightcove that shows 49% of all mobile video views are coming from Android devices. iPhone and
iPad users are just getting smoked in the dust on their online video consumption and iPod users are barely watching online video at all. What I’m
curious to know is why, like why are Android users dominating online video consumption, where iPhone, iPad and iPod users are kind of lagging behind.

I wonder if it has something to do with Flash being enabled on Android devices and the iOS kind of being limiting to HTML 5, I don’t know. What do you
guys think? Comment below and let me know why you think Android users are so far ahead.

The Strategy Analytics came out last week with a survey that says 12% of all online video views are coming from gaming consoles. Turns out people don’t
want to just watch on their computer, they want to watch it on a big screen. And I saw that and I said no duh, like, everyone who has a gaming console
is already hooked up to their TV so if they’re going to watch online video, that just makes sense, the easiest place to watch it.

But the articles coming out about the study are like, gasp, 15 million people are watching through their gaming consoles. It’s like oh man, where have
you guys been? Netflix and Hulu have been on gaming consoles for a long time, why does that come as a surprise? I watch Hulu through my Xbox, I don’t
really watch it on the web at all because my TV and my couch are so much more comfortable and enjoyable for me to consume it on.

However, I do primarily watch YouTube on a computer because YouTube’s different for me. YouTube is about engagement. I watch a lot of people I know
personally, I like to comment and get their comments back, I like to interact, I like to favorite, thumbs up and do all the interactive stuff. Maybe
discover a new video, click subscribe.

You know, that kind of stuff I can’t yet do, in fact, YouTube’s not even on a gaming console at all yet. I think it’s coming to Xbox here pretty soon
which should be awesome. But hopefully if it does, it’ll still include the interactive features that have really made YouTUbe what it is. And I hope it
doesn’t just turn into like a leaning back, consuming thing as it might be heading in that direction. has been around for awhile, they’ve been helping people turn their online videos into like, video websites and stuff, it’s been a really
cool service. But lately they just released a new plan, this plan is completely free, all it does is take all your YouTube videos and neatly organize
and categorize them and turn them into this beautiful website. I did it with one of my channels and I was really, honestly, I was impressed.

I was thinking it was going to be a lot more hassle than it was but really, it was super easy and it looks great. It’s completely free but for 20 bucks
you can use your own domain with your video website. Someone like me who creates videos for several different channels and I try to maintain a video
website for each of them, it just gets to be a lot of hassle, copy and paste and make code all the time. This automatically updates the website for me,
I upload a video to YouTube, it automatically shows up on my Vidcaster website.

There was a couple of other big things in the news that I don’t really feel like I want to get into because really I don’t care about it that much but
apparently like everyone and their mom seems like it’s important to talk about Adobe dropping Flash support for mobile devices. I guess that’s just
going to be done with and they’re going to go and start investing in HTML 5. Steve Jobs, congratulations, you won that one.

And YouTube and Disney are wasting no time getting their Disney channel off the ground. Looks like Disney will be producing content exclusively for
YouTube, that’s really exciting, it adds a lot of validity of YouTube and also really help out Disney’s website in some ways, the article to that is
below if you want to find out more.

And finally, for you after effects users, if you’re looking for a way to make a really slick looking ink reveal without having to buy a lot of
expensive assets, there’s a tutorial link below, you can go check it out. It shows you how to do it, it’s super easy too, so if that’s something you’re
interested in, I highly recommend it.

That’s it for this week’s look at the Reel Web, I will see you guys on Wednesday for a creator’s tip video when I show you guys how to use different
tools that are available to you online to help you determine what kind of keywords to use for your videos, titles and how to formulate them and all
sorts of other implications, that’s going to be really good stuff.

Of course if you’re not subscribed to us already, click that button above this video on YouTube or you can click right there as well. And we’d love to
have you guys join us and I will see you guys on Wednesday then next Monday for another look at the Reel Web. Bye.