The new One Channel design brings more SEO into the fray, and like always, it’s about writing relevant keywords that don’t trick anyone into thinking your channel is something that it’s not.  The likelihood is that those old techniques that used to work a long, long, time ago, where you could somehow put “Justin Bieber” in your “Fashionable Woodworking” channel description, will actually hurt you in the end.  Good SEO is good common sense: find terms you want to rank for, write something that makes sense to your channel, don’t overdo it, and most importantly, come out with great content on a consistent basis.

Tips for Getting Your New YouTube One Channel to Rank in Search

Channel Description

Go to your “About” link and click “edit.”  write a conversational type of description with words that you would want to rank for, rather than throwing a whole bunch of random keywords in–that might hurt you and it definitely won’t help you.  Write something helpful for newcomers to your channel.

Feature Niche Channels

Feature other channels that do the same kinds of videos you do.  Ask them to feature your channel in their channel box, and do the same for them in return.  There’s nothing that says this will specifically help you in search, but the idea is it might let YouTube play the “association game” better about what genre you’re in when you’re linked with many like-minded channels.

Channel Title

Add context to the channel title.  For instance, at ReelSEO’s YouTube channel, we have “Video Marketing Tips – ReelSEO” as our title, and not just “ReelSEO.”  People are more likely going to be searching general terms when they look for a topic as broad as “video marketing tips,” and they’re not going to know who might be providing that information.  So if you’re an appliance company, you should probably title your channel, “Kitchen Appliances,” or whatever you want to rank for in search, followed by your brand name.

Got any other ideas for getting your channel to rank well?  Give us a comment down below or on the video page.  We’d love to hear from you.

Also, here’s the video we alluded to in the Creator’s Tip video.  Lots of information there and in the comments if you want to go on over to the watch page: