You may recall in our Sunday round up from a couple of weeks ago that we wrote about Airbnb and their attempt to produce a short film made up entirely of user generated Vine content. Well it’s here and it’s pretty adorable. The company solicited users of Vine, and of course Twitter, from around the world to send in their 6 second stop motion videos based around specific shot instructions. A very simple but clever idea that fired the imaginations of many.

Airbnb received 750 entries, 100 of which were used in the final edit. Those entrants won themselves $100 in Airbnb vouchers and a credit in the finished movie. The film was released online this week:

Screenwriter Ben York Jones storyboarded the movie and pulled the content together to create a very sweet story about the life and times of a piece of office paper. You can find more details about the making of the film here and below are some of the instructions that were tweeted out to aspiring filmmakers in August. We’ve matched them up to their place in the film.

1:05 into the film – shot #8



1:33 into the film – shot #12


2:33 into the film – shot #43


I love how every contributor gets their place in the closing credits, as promised:

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