Last week we saw the top 2 movies from the previous week switch places and take the top spots from the new releases, as the Ghost Rider sequel failed to emulate any of the success of its predecessor.  Still, it made over $20 million and was cheaper to make than the original, so this isn’t necessarily a sign that we’ve seen the last terrible 3D Nicolas Cage movie.  This week we see My Damn Channel’s David Wain return behind the camera for Wanderlust, a new Tyler Perry movie, a weird, very-awful-looking Amanda Seyfried abduction thriller, and real Navy SEALs make a movie with Act of Valor.

Wanderlust: David Wain Is A Funny Dude

David Wain has probably made something you like, even though he himself isn’t world-renowned famous.  Back in the 90’s, he was one of the many behind the short-lived comedy show The State.  In 2001, he co-wrote and directed the cult comedy classic Wet Hot American Summer, and he co-wrote and directed the hit Role Models.  He’s written episodes of Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital.  On the internet, he’s behind My Damn Channel and Wainy Days.

Wain has used Paul Rudd in almost everything, who I think everybody on the planet loves, and teams him with Jennifer Aniston.  The two worked together in a very different movie called The Object of My Affection way back in 1997 when it looked like Rudd might become a star then (it really took him until Knocked Up 10 years later) and Aniston was trying to branch out from Friends.  Now, those two are pretty solid, and this movie looks really, really, funny.

A little over 200,000 views for this one, and probably not even 500,000 combined.  That seems troubling for a movie like this, but we know the view counts don’t necessarily mean the box office will be hurt.  It just seems in this case, with the likeability of Rudd and Aniston, David Wain’s involvement, that this should be higher up.  It seems to suggest that the awareness for this movie isn’t as high as it should be.

Here’s the red-band trailer.  Be warned, bad language:

I get the sense, like many things Wain has been a part of in the past, that this will find an audience later on in its life.  Maybe a comedy set at a hippie commune is a little much for people to willingly go to a movie theater and watch.  If this isn’t a huge hit, it will be on video.

Here’s a clip:

And an even better clip:

Alan Alda is even in this thing!

Tyler Perry Goes In A Slightly Different Direction

Very slightly…we have a lot of what makes a Tyler Perry movie in his new movie, Good Deeds, but this doesn’t look like the over-the-top, every action deserves a completely unnecessary, violent over-reaction type of Tyler Perry movie that tends to infest all of his non-Madea flicks.  Speaking of which, it’s well-known that when Perry doesn’t play Madea, his box office suffers.

I think his overall popularity plateaued a few years ago, but his fan base is still strong enough to sustain him and usually two movies a year (he has another one coming out in the summer).  Here’s the official trailer for Good Deeds:

Here’s a clip, called “A Little Help”:

Not much overall for Good Deeds online, and the views are predictably low, but Perry always opens up with solid numbers and there’s no reason to think he won’t this time.

Gone: We’ve Seen This Before, I Think

Gone is like, well, Gone, Baby, Gone…meets Taken.  And with almost none of the appeal.

Different times I was with people who saw this trailer, they turned to me and said, “This looks terrible.”  And well, I can’t disagree.  It has all the elements of being a very bad film.

Here’s the official trailer:

The view count here is over a million, which is kind of surprising.  It has a bland name, Amanda Seyfried is pretty but not a huge, huge star, and it looks awful.

One more chance:

It’s one of those movies that looks like you’ll have to endure a lot of shrieking.

Act Of Valor Enlists Real Navy SEALs For Realistic War Action

Act of Valor look pretty awesome, and it looks like the special sneak preview audiences have enjoyed it, and did I mention…they used real Navy SEALs?  The marketing behind this has been very good, but I get the sense this isn’t going to be a huge hit.

There are several official trailers.  Here’s the latest one:

That one has a little over 100,000 views.  One of the first trailers that hit got over a million.  In fact, almost all of the Act of Valor stuff online has hit 100,000 or more, which is encouraging for the movie.  Featurettes usually don’t make it to that mark.

Here’s a clip highlighting the movie’s intense action:

And not only are they using real SEALs, but REAL BULLETS:

And yes, FPS Russia even got tied in to Act of Valor.  His show always attracts over a million views.  This FPS Russia has nearly 3 million:

I’m definitely interested.  It should appeal to a wide audience, but it seems like action movies need to have a star in it to really sell it.  Despite all the realism, war movies have tended not to do great business in the post 9/11 days.  I’m rooting for this one.

Take For The Weekend

Tyler Perry looks primed to have another #1 hit here, but maybe Act of Valor will show the promise that the sneak previews have shown.  I don’t think there’s any way Wanderlust or Gone sneaks in, and part of me even thinks Safe House has another shot at being #1 this weekend.  But I’ll go with Perry.