This week our look at the Reel Web covers a bunch of stories, like YouTube’s update to the layout for “related videos” after you finish watching one. It also appears that YouTube has changed their algorithm back in July and the update does not seem to favor amateur video creators. And the new movie, Trespass, is releasing on YouTube alongside of it’s theatrical release, except with some quality being sacrificed. And this Tuesday YouTube is doing a live feedback Q&A with WillOfDC. Finally, released a study they did about their audience’s viewing habits over the last 6 months, specifically how it relates how much TV they’re watching as opposed to online video.

Hollywood Is Coming To YouTube

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This week’s look at the Reel Web includes a lot of different things happening at YouTube including and updated look to their related videos, their algorithm change that took place awhile back is now having an influence that we’re going to talk about today. As well as some surprising new statistics
that have come out about online video, that’s all coming up this week on the Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another look at the Reel Web where ever week, we just kind of take a glance at the online video world
from the previous week and share some of the highlights with you. This week, there’s a lot of different stuff to cover so I am just going to breeze
right through them very, very quickly. If any of these sparks your fancy, you can click the links below this video on YouTube or at,
wherever you’re watching this and go find out more if you’d like.

First of all, YouTube gets a new and improved layout. Now when you’re done watching a video, instead of seeing like, one big video and a couple other
sub-videos you might be interested in, now they just kind of give them all equal weight and they’re all right there. The reason I’m not sure this is
actually an improvement is because now, to me, it just feels kind of cluttered rather than showing me hey, this is the one video you should probably
check out, now it’s more like, we don’t know, check out any of these.

The only advantage that it might have is now it just basically shows a thumbnail instead of titles so it means that uploading custom thumbnails and
getting that partnership status, you can do that, is becoming very, very important to kind of lure those people to click over and watch your videos
from other related videos.

Last week, Kevin Nalty, an online video marketing specialist, he posted on his blog a screenshot of the statistics from his personal YouTube channel.
And it appears that sometime at the end of last July, YouTube made a change to the algorithm and now his videos are ranking much differently than they
used to. Many of the people in the comments of that post are reporting the same thing for the views on their videos as well. And Kevin’s position in
the post is that it is just yet another step YouTube is taking away from amateur video creators like you and me.

While we hoped that this change in the algorithm is just temporary, it appears that it’s not. A YouTube employee has posted on the partner forums
saying this change is permanent. But what this really means for us and what impact it’ll have on the future really has yet to be seen so we’ll just
have to wait it out and see.

And it appears Hollywood might be accepting YouTube a little bit more lately. The new movie that comes out called Trespass with Nicholas Cage and
Nicole Kidman is also releasing on YouTube alongside of its premiere in theaters. So you can either go to a movie theater and watch it like a normal
movie release or you can watch it in the comforts of your own home by going to and watching it for $6.99.

Although, it’s interesting to note that this movie is only available in 480p on YouTube, not in HD quality. Director Joel Schumacher sat down with
YouTube for an exclusive interview and he said this. “I know certain people in my industry are furious about the internet, not about the internet but
their films being shown in any way except the way they were meant to be seen. Of course, I would like that also. However, I always go not with what
should be but what is and there’s no stopping technology.”

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2011, YouTube will be doing a live streaming event answering the questions that we submit ahead of time. So if you
have any questions at all you’d like to hear straight from the horse’s mouth, the link to submit your question or vote and rate other people’s
questions is in the description below this video on YouTube or at, wherever you’re watching this.

Last week, came out with an interesting survey that they ran with some of their network’s viewers. These statistics come from their actual
like, audience who are watching online video already. These stats do not necessarily reflect your average Joe in Springfield, USA, these are people who
are already engaged in watching online video so just keep that in mind.

The first one is that in the last six months, 9% of these people are watching less cable television while online video viewing habits grew by 26%. The
study also revealed that the most common time for people to watch online video is from 8pm to 11pm and the second most common would be from 6pm to 8pm,
during primetime TV.

It’s also interesting that 43% of people responded positively to pre-roll ads on content that is exclusive for the web, whereas only 30% of people
responded positively to pre-roll ads for television shows that are streamed online. And the average demographic of these people is 33 years old with a
college education and evenly split between men and women.

Obviously, if you’re watching this video, you are one who is probably more likely to consume online video but I’d still like to hear from you. Comment
below and let us know if you are consuming less television now than you were like, six months ago and consuming more online video or if you think it’s
still kind of about the same or whatever. Tell us what your viewing habits are in the comments below or leave a video response.

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