As an online video professional and evangelist, I sometimes find myself in situations with very narrow-minded people with wholly misguided and hostile reactions to the industry I work in. Such hostility can come from very strange, unexpected places!

You see, some people who like to think of themselves as “progressive” in certain areas of their lives, may actually be very reactionary, resistant, and regressive when it comes to things that are new with our culture, like online video. I’ve found that to carry over to the “techno-cultural revolution” that is online video, and the people like myself who produce and market it for mass consumption (and participation).

These people suffer from what I refer to as “the arrogance of willful ignorance.” They take pride in being Luddites, or “techno-know-nothings,” when it’s nothing at all to be proud about. They carry a condescending attitude of online video – speaking out of both sides of their mouth by sometimes saying it’s really insignificant, and other times saying its an even corporate tool for commercial exploitations – and all the while, belittling the people who do it. All of that is their attempt to mask how insecure they are about how painfully little they understand online video; because it’s much more comforting to carry an attitude of superiority when you can dismiss others for their own accomplishments that aren’t your own.

Hippie-friendly nuggets of wisdom about online video…

If you’re a hippie or have hippie-leanings, and are really willing to open your mind to the possibilities (and realities) of online video, enjoy these nuggets of new-age enlightenment from myself, self-appointed and defrocked video guru, Swami-Jami-Granty-Panty…

  • Art – Online video is an amazing art form, and one that’s accessible to the masses. Whether its original video you create or remixes, the open-source sharing of artistry has inspired millions of others worldwide who never had any formal training before to now be artistic video producers.
  • Creativity – online video spurs the generation of ideas and creativity. Online video gives you ideas for how to create something that can reach people around the world; and not just for entertainment or distraction, but something that’s deeper and more meaningful.
  • Economy – online video is a powerful engine for economic growth, especially at the grass-roots level. It is both capitalist AND socialist. It’s a great thing that it gives people like me a job, a career, a new purpose, and audiences I connect with and they connect back with me. Sure, online video is a good part today of corporate America, but its much more grassroots small-business America!
  • Individuality – online video is individually oriented. It gives us all our own unique voice.
  • Conversation – online video has brought the art of the conversation back, and the technology allows for it to happen between many people remotely as well as in person.
  • Equality – online video is very egalitarian, and it empowers individuals in ways like never before. A single individual with little or no budget can produce a video series online that can compete and surpass the success of a major studio or Fortune 500 company.
  • Community – online video improves on our community endeavors, brings people from around the world together in person, and it brings people from in person to feel more comfortable with reaching out to each other online.
  • Integrity – To NOT be doing online video, and to deride others for doing online video, is contradicting the very essence of what it means to be a hippie.

It makes perfect sense if you’re a hippie to be doing online video! Online video is the great responder. It’s the great grass roots way to have social justice and make an honest buck! You tell your story, get people interested in what you have that they support your endeavors, tell others about it AND promote the public good. The technology of online takes nothing away from the social experience – it enhances it greatly! VIDEO IS THE NEW SOCIAL MODEL FOR NEO-HIPPIES! For techno-hippies!

All we are saying… is give online video a chance! (It beats the biggest doobie you could ever put in your mouth.)

Thanks also to Comedy Central for providing clips from the South Park classic episode, Die Hippie Die. (It’s just a show title, not a call for violence. I personally like hippies, and even some of the cranky ones. ;)

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the Grant Crowell and not necessarily ReelSEO.