You all think you are so special with your HDTV, cameras, projectors and whatever. That’s nothing compared to ultra high-definition television which seeks to offer around 16 times more pixels than standard HDTV screens today.

Can you imagine how horrible your skin will look in UDHTV? I mean seriously, people are pretty scary in HD when their head is 30-50 inches. At 33 million pixels, your head would be indescribably detailed and I imagine scary.

UHD Is Coming

Yet, the ITU Study Group on Broadcasting Service seeks a UHDTV standard, and they state they have agreed upon the basic tech specs.

We might not see a lot of compatible screens for some time but there are plans to use this new standard to cover the next Olympics in London next year for public screenings.

What might someone do with all those pixels? Well you might be able to use them to create true glasses-free 3D which, after having played some games in 3D recently, sounds like a great plan because it took several days for my eyes to return to normal (see My Video Lifestyle for more on that). With that many pixels it might also be able to extend viewing angles in all directions as well…or allow you to count Uncle Buck’s nose hairs for yourself.

Ew! Gross!