Crowds are the way to go these days. There are crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and crowd sourced online video places like Poptent. Now, you can harness the power of the crowd right on your own site with the new WeVideo Social Video Engagement solution, which is an interesting offering I thought might really help brands boost brand recognition and engagement by turning consumers into advocates.

WeVideo might not be the first product like this, but they are the first to aim it specifically at brands as far as I know and allow consumers to mix and match video clips. That’s definitely something that we like here at ReelSEO. I wrote about WeVideo some time back talking about their online collaborative video editing suite which was subsequently integrated into YouTube.

Now they’re giving you the ability to embed the video editor right into your own brand websites for crowd-based video remixing.

The WeVideo Social Video Engagement solution allows marketers to offer an embedded video editor on their own web properties which invites consumers to create a video using video clips, soundtracks and graphics that are company provided, consumer-generated or both. Consumers readily share their edited videos with friends, spreading the reach of the brand through social media sites.

If memory serves, they teamed up with Marvel to do something similar to remix your own Avengers on YouTube. That looks to have resulted in 1800 trailers edited and shared by fans which, if you ask me, is pretty spiffy. That wasn’t confirmed, I’m just connecting the dots.

But that was on YouTube, this is on your site. To kick things off, wait for the pun, they’ve teamed up with K-1, the kickboxing promoters (Ba dum cha!), and their K-1 Rising 2012 Contest.

Why Am I Telling You?

I like to give you some actionable takeaway, aside from Kung Pao which is actionable all on its own, and so here’s the why of it.

Simply put, the uplift for brand engagement alone is potentially massive. Plus, since you can control the clips that are offered for use, you can guarantee that when they make the video, your brand or product will be included. To get more information on how it will work, I talked with Jostein Svendsen and Mark Floisand from WeVideo about the possibilities.

What do you see as the major benefit of the WeVideo Social Video Engagement solution for brands?

The major benefit is that it combines engagement of video with the ability of the consumer to communicate with their peers both in and out of their social circles. With more and more time spent on social networks, it’s more important that consumers engage with the brand and help spread the word themselves in effect turning them into advocates and marketers for the brand itself. The impact of a shared commercial, created by a fan, can be more than one done by an agency at times and that is what this will tap into.

How is the solution integrated into social networks for sharing of the remixed videos?

The video editor is embedded into the brand website or it can be embedded into Facebook for those brands that have strong presences there. CustomizableĀ  on all sites and then can be embedded into the various locations like YouTube, etc. (Note: You’ll remember, the product is already integrated into YouTube -Chris)

What’s the real, measurable value in getting the consumer to remix a video and activate them as a brand advocate?

There are three ways of looking at that. First, is how much engagement is there on the site with people creating videos. How many are interacting, creating and sharing. Second, is what is the reach of the videos produced. How much uplift is there in the reach for those videos versus standard marketing. Third, is true follow on engagement, how can we use a call to action at the end of the videos to continue the engagement or extend the engagement and even turn it into a conversion (i.e. ticket sales, etc).

Is it necessary to incentivize the experience? Must there be some reward offered to the consumer?

Not necessarily. Some campaigns have done and some haven’t. Some consumers are simply excited to interact with the content itself while others might want to get something out of it, for example winning a contest, obtaining product, etc. Each brand will need to decide whether or not incentives is necessary. Of course, if you’re normally giving away incentives, it might be wise to continue it with this sort of initiative as well.

In terms of branding, what is available: intro/outro bumpers, watermark, editor branding etc?

All of the above. Bumpers can be done at both ends, watermarking can be included, the editor itself can be branded as can the wording and terminology used during the editing and the sharing process. For example, K-1 is using knockouts, etc.

What kind of brands might this be ideal for?

Entertainment is certainly a major industry as it can increase reach of their content. Media is similar as well, they want to attain higher reach for their content. TV stations, broadcasters, etc that have a lot of extra content that’s not being fully utilized for example, alternative endings to shows or seasons. Consumer goods, auto, electronics, products with high levels of consumers with multiple tiers of distribution. Sports is also another industry that could see a lot of engagement uplift by allowing fans to create their own highlights clips, etc.

Another major sector that could see some traction here could be music. Allowing fans to remix music videos into their own music video or even into a playlist or more. It could also allow for collaborative concert videos as well.

There’s also the potential for near real-time interaction as well as pre-recorded.

That’s a Wrap

As you can see the product could be potentially awesome for just about everyone. If you’ve got a web series, TV show or film you could let viewers make their own trailers. If you’ve got a product you can let them create their own advertisements. Got an event? How about collaborative crowd-sourced compilation videos? Hot diggity I’m excited to get to use it!