Something is in the air.  Video madness is taking hold.  I defy anyone to watch any of these videos and not be amazed, or made to feel good, or laugh.  The batch of videos compiled here go across the spectrum, as always.  Did you know Gollum could sing a song from Les Miserables?  Did you know that a dryer could do the Harlem Shake?  Did you know that love is maddening and wonderful at the same time?  And even though it’s still winter for a lot of you, doesn’t mean that you can’t dream about water jet packs and all the fun that entails.

Fun Video Friday, February 22, 2013

I didn’t know Gollum had a singing voice, nor could he play Fantine from Les Miserables.  But darned if he doesn’t pull it off here.  From “ljameswalters,” “Gollum Sings ‘I Dreamed a Dream:'”

Nice Peter is best known for Epic Rap Battles, which used to be on his Nice Peter channel, but he’s a musician through and through, and balding…and he decided to sing a song about it while his head gets shaved (some bad language):

Try not to feel good after this Passion Pit video for their song “Carried Away:”

We’re not even done with music.  Watch this little girl get excited about her new guitar by singing and jamming a classic as “Caroline Rocks Out Toy Story Style:”

Freddie Wong already expressed his distaste over the Harlem Shake in this video, but then he did something completely outrageous and off-putting with it on his own channel (this will likely freak you out in some way):

OK, so did you know why an animated Mario was in that Harlem Shake video?  Freddie had a huge hit with “First Person Mario” 2 years ago, and now, here’s the sequel:

Speaking of games, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 this week.  You might have read about it somewhere.  Here’s their awesome trailer for the new system:

You know what’s fun?  Remote-controlled cars.  You know what’s even better?  Re-creating a whole movie-style car chase with them in Final Cut King’s “Cliche RC Action Chase:”

I envy you guys who live in sunny places during the winter.  Especially because you can do stuff like this: Water jet-packing.  Man, this looks like so much fun, as people take on the Rocky Mountain Flyboard in what is brilliant brand marketing courtesy of “devinsupertramp:”

This excellent charcoal-on-paper animation tells the story of a gentle circus bear who just wants to go out into the woods once in awhile.  It’s called “Ursus,” from Atom Art, and directed by Reinis Pētersons:

Jimmy Kimmel’s pranks always make for huge viral sensations.  Recently, he had men give their girlfriends a gift they knew they would hate, with obvious and hilarious results:

You’ll swear it’s still Valentine’s Day when you see this video, which will make you want to run out to New York City and get into a fling right away.  This one is called, “Roshambo” and it’s from clothier Free People:

As always, I like to end Fun Video Friday with some learning.  And who better to kick this learning off than with CGP Grey, who in his usual entertaining style tells us exactly how to become Pope:

Minute Physics asks, “What is the Universe?”  This is something in which I demand answers:

Forget the Universe.  What is light?  Veritasium discusses Thomas Young’s “Double-Slit Experiment” to solve the case:

Finally, VSauce answers the question as to whether your red is the same as my red…wait, can that question even be answered?

As usual, have a great weekend.