You can always count on a ton of Halloween content to be swirling around this time of year, and the tent-pole opportunities during this holiday might be the best of all tent-pole opportunities in an given year.  The entertainment value provided by the spooky, the scary, the demented can play every Halloween.  I’ve rounded up some Halloween videos today: some are how-to, some are inspired by the holiday, some are just downright scary, and some will make you laugh.  So let’s get to it and get our imaginations turning to the dark side with these Halloween videos.

Darkness Descends Upon These Videos

Halloween How-To

First off, you should really know how to get some of these Halloween looks in your videos.  Last year, Vimeo provided this awesome how-to for turning your subject into a ghost, or applying zombie makeup, or using squibs for someone getting riddled with bullets!  I’m way too excited about this!

This year, they made a “Scary Special Effects Part Boo,” where they demonstrate how to do the demon voice, have your evil mirror image do something different from what you do, and how to apply the demon eyes to any lost soul:

Brian from ROBOTHAND! tells us how to create a spooky scene using miniatures for around $50:

But do you think that we could get through a how-to without mentioning Film Riot?  Of course they have some Halloween fun in store, calling it “Bloodtober.”  Here’s their blood effects:

But maybe you want to get that ethereal, cloudy, “darkness reigns” kind of look on your video.  Film Riot shows you how it’s done:

Finally, Film Riot shows us how to wield lawn mowers and axes to mess up people’s heads and faces:

Halloween Stunts & Tricks & Scares

This isn’t really Halloween, but it’s certainly Halloween inspired, and beautiful: skiing in the dark from Salomon Freeski TV:

OK, this guy has really lost his head (but not really):

The Scary Snowman is really funny:

Here’s a beautiful, well-made Halloween poem/special effects video from Miguel Ortega called “The Green Ruby Pumpkin:”

Rad Brad’s gameplay walkthroughs of scary flash games House 2 and Cellar Door are funny and scary (and contain rampant bad language).  Here’s House 2 (part 1):

And Part 2 of his walkthrough:

And here’s Cellar Door:

He has a long playlist of scary indie games here.

I read Cracked’s “6 Most Eerily Convincing Ghost Videos” article, which you definitely should read when you get a chance.  They’ve culled some very creepy videos.  But they saved the best one for last (from ChesterTyler714):

Halloween Music

Lindsey Stirling plays a mean fiddle while prancing about in a graveyard in this Michael Jackson “Thriller”-inspired video:

Edward’s Landing Lights has his house lit up with Halloween lights and grooving to PSY’s “Gangnam Style:”

Halloween Art

From none other than Mary Doodles:

Headless Horseman:

Space Zombie:

Doddles has always made awesome stuff for Halloween.  You should check out this playlist.

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