If you want a boost in the online video world, getting a boost from something already popular is a good way to go.  In the YouTube Creator Playbook series, we just brought attention to a Ke$ha parody video that was released at the height of Tik Tok‘s popularity that rode the song’s coattails to YouTube immortality. We’ve talked about Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, Red Vs. Blue, and other web series that use existing properties to get an edge in viewer interest without infringing on copyrights.   Now, another web series creator is looking to get in on the game with a well-known, well-worn source of satire.  Actually, three well-known, well-worn sources of satire.

The Great Star Wars Trek: A Three Mega-Franchise Mash-Up

According to TheForce.Net, an individual by the name of Michael Gabriel Becker is going to attempt a mash-up of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lost In Space for a new series called The Great Star Wars Trek beginning October 28.  The story is that characters from all three universes are going to this one planet, and I love this description: “the planet is made entirely of white.”  The witty first teaser for this show probably explains how an idea like this is forged, and then you check Google to see if anyone else has come up with it:

It’s easy to know why we’ve never seen all three of these thrown into the same discussion for parody and debate.  Star Wars and Star Trek are natural “frenemies.”  I don’t think there are many people who love Star Trek that actually hate Star Wars and vice-versa, they just like one better.  But Lost In Space is The Swiss Family Robinson in space.  All are popular science fiction, but two of them are more action-oriented.  No matter, this is a series that is “all-in” on science-fiction icons, the largest fanbases on Earth.  But I’ve gotta say, why not just put Lord of the Rings in this somehow?  Maybe the three science fiction juggernauts can visit Middle Earth.  I’m sure with a premise like this, all the nerd interests will get referenced at some point anyway.

Here’s the most recent teaser:

Meanwhile, I’ll be in a basement dreaming up a Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly mash-up.