What were you searching for this year?  Google has released their list and while you can guess what events, famous figures, and entertainment we searched for the most, some of it is surprising.  And like the past couple of years, Google has decided to release a video on the subject (after all, they are a top social video brand for 2012), giving us a collage of faces and happenings that shaped our world in 2012.  Yes, more than “Gangnam Style” happened, apparently.  I didn’t get to see anything else this year, so I’m glad Google came out with this list and an accompanying video.

Google’s Zeitgeist Video: 2012 Search Year in Review

What’s curious to me is that they include a lot of YouTube stuff in this video, but they don’t give us a list of top-searched/viewed videos on the Zeitgeist page…not yet…they want to spring that nugget later (although hint: Gangnam Style is #1, in case you didn’t know).

Anyway, images like these tells us that video is important.  That carriers of video like YouTube are important, because documentation of what is happening around the world is interesting and we want to see it from all sorts of different perspectives.  I like knowing that if something big has happened, I can probably find it on YouTube.  Video gives us some context.

The Zeitgeist for video this year is that almost everything can be found online.  We were able to watch the Super Bowl online this year, joining big events that were already there like the college National Championships in football and basketball.  The debates and a ton of election coverage were available on YouTube.  Concerts like Bonnaroo and Coachella were streamed live.  Basically, those who run these big events realized that there were lots of people they could reach who couldn’t go to them, or be around a TV, found a way to make it available, and generated revenue they wouldn’t have had they decided to stay in the dark ages.