Just in case you thought Google was going to call their holiday celebrations over with the “let it snow” feature on YouTube and Google search, they had at least one more trick up their sleeve: a custom holiday Google logo doodle that plays Jingle Bells. The celebratory logo is interactive at the start, allowing users to click the different tones before the Jingle Bells song finally plays.

Google Wishes Happy Holidays

Here’s what you’ll see when the interactive Google doodle experience begins:

You can now click those colored squares below the letters to enjoy the short interactive part of the Happy Holidays doodle. As you do, you’ll turn each letter in the traditional Google logo into something holiday-related:

When you’ve activated them all, you’ll have Jingle Bells played for you. Here’s a video someone grabbed of it in action:

I don’t have the power or talent to create wicked-cool interactive video doodles for you… but I would if I did. I’ll have to make due with simply wishing you all a happy holidays.