George Costanza was known for a lot of things: being neurotic, being cheap, bad luck with women, and a lifelong desire to pretend to be an architect. But one of the Seinfeld character’s most famous attributes is being brought back into the public spotlight thanks to Google. It’s his giant wallet, which George famously continued stuffing full of coupons, phone numbers, notes, and other odds and ends–at least… until it exploded. 

Google Taps Seinfeld For Google Wallet Promo

Last week, Google began officially teasing their new Google Wallet app, which aims to turn the smartphone into the only wallet you’ll need. Through “bump” technology, Google Wallet allows you to tap and pay for purchases by waving your phone over a sensor.

Here’s the Seinfeld-related teaser video for Google Wallet:

There’s a bit of beauty to the simplicity of this ad. Aside from one digital change (to the flier George sees on the pole), it’s virtually just a Seinfeld scene with a Google Wallet logo at the end. The message of the original clip speaks to the problem Google Wallet wants to solve far better than a scripted piece of original video ever could.

I have no idea how much money it costs to license a clip from Seinfeld, but it has to be a lot, because it’s just such a rare thing to see.

More About Google Wallet

Google Wallet was once rumored to be launching this summer, though that didn’t happen. However, TechCrunch claims the product will be officially unveiled tomorrow.

But even though the release date is still up in the air, there are some things we know about Google Wallet for sure. For instance, at launch, it’ll only work on the Nexus S, which is only on the Sprint Network. I’ll also only work at retail locations that have already installed the PayPass system.

MasterCard is currently the only major credit card partner on board, though Google is working on the others. In fact, their promo page says:

We aim to eventually support all the payment cards you keep in your leather wallet today. So the only plastic you’ll need is your phone.

There will be a heavy Google Offers component to Google Wallet, and the two services will sync with each other. Which means businesses and retail stores can offer discounts through Google Offers that consumers can redeem by using Google Wallet. The app will even store gift cards for you.

We’re probably a long way off from consumers adopting the digital wallet completely, but the tech-savvy crowd will eat it up. If your cash, credit, coupons, and gift cards can all be used via a smartphone app like Google Wallet, the only reason to carry a physical wallet anymore is if you’re a bit of a George Costanza yourself, and you need some place to store your hundreds of hand-scrawled notes.