As a consultant, or an agency, you have long been able to get certified as competent in Google Adwords or Analytics. The same level of industry recognition now comes to Google video advertising, and as long as you are a Google Partner (and live in the U.S), you can now apply for the same to show your competency in video advertising on YouTube, and on the Google Display Network.

U.S. based individuals, and companies already certified for Adwords, can apply for the new certification (which comes with a handy logo that you can slap on your site or email footer), and take the two exams offered in the subject. Passing both means you qualify as certified and you’ll be listed as a Partner with Google (for as long as you fit the criteria). The exams cover video advertising including the creation of ads and campaigns plus the optimization and metrics of ad performance.

What is a Google Partner?

Google launched its Partner program in October 2013 to provide consultants and agencies with the “resources, training and support to help businesses succeed online”. To qualify, anyone with a Google account can join Google Partners as an individual or as a company. Need more info? Here’s some from the company itself:

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