I’ve certainly been a proponent of Google’s Video Sitemaps for getting into Google Videos and Google Universal Search results…  I’ve also eluded to the notion that one reason behind Google’s push to educate publishers about video sitemaps had to do with their desire to increase the content available for Google TV.   I recently got the Logitech Revue to try out Google TV and I thought I would show you some results.

Google TV – Should You Be There?

I realize that the value here is probably quite low at the moment – I.E. – the user base for Google TV is clearly not a large one at this point.  However, despite the immaturity of the Google TV product and the issues I have with regard to the Logitech device, I truly believe that Google is off on the right track.  I wont go into a review of the device and platform here – but I will say that I believe in 2-5 years, Google TV may have a fairly robust user base.  At that point, the value might be huge.  That being said, I hope there isn’t a new term invented like GTVSEO (GoogleTV SEO).

Google Video Sitemaps = Google TV Results

My point in showing you the following images, it to show you that Google TV “web videos” results come directly from Google Videos.  Therefore, if you successfully create and submit a video sitemap to Google and get your videos indexed (which you should be doing anyway), your videos will automatically be available on Google TV.  So – no real extra work required.  That being said, there are some guidelines for optimizing your website for Google TV, but that’s only if you want to take things to the next step.

ReelSEO’s Videos on Google TV

Below is a picture that I took of Google TV for the search “reelseo.”  In Google TV, the default search selection is “Google TV and Video Results” where you are shown only video results (results formatted specifically for Google TV) for your search as opposed to web search results (also an option).  You can see here that there were 50 results (only 50 at a time) found for the term “ReelSEO.”  I know that I could have done a more interesting search term but this was an easy way to illustrate my point.

You can see below that the first and second results are from our actual domain, as opposed to YouTube.

If you were to choose one of those 2 results, you would be taken to our webpage, where that video resides. GoogleTV uses the Chrome OS and if your site looks good at 1024×768, you should be good to go.

Not much else to say here other than – Get your Video Sitemaps going already!  If you need help – help is on the way as in the coming weeks I’ll be announcing some tools for you to use to generate video sitemaps – stay tuned!