Today is the 122nd anniversary of the silent film genius, Charlie Chaplin. To celebrate that, Google made a short silent film homage to Chaplin. The logo is brilliant in itself as you can see. The play button is clearly positioned to take the place of the mouth and illustrate the silent nature of it all. Of course, it would be horribly boring if there were no sound at all and so, as was traditional, they have piano music accompaniment.

Why am I writing about it? Well, it’s Friday and it’s online video and Mark is busy so I can probably get away with it. It might also fall into the viral video realm which is really Jeremy’s bailiwick, but I’m not opposed to stealing of content ideas from time to time…

The video, titled Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle, has the full disclosure statement that “none of the mustaches in the video are real,” exemplifying the comical nature of Chaplins films themselves. Here’s the video.  I’ve got a feeling most of the eyebrows are fakes as well. I can’t tell you how many views there are because they’ve hidden it. But there are some 4,307 likes at present.

A notable scene is where the Google logo shows up in a video that was actually the Google Logo for the day. A painter is trying to paint the logo and “Charlie” does what he always did and got in the way, not once, but twice.

It certainly outdoes some of the more static Doodles that the Google Doodle team has come up with and presents a fitting homage I do believe.

What a great job that must be, right? Simply thinking up creative ways to change the logo for special days. And to think, it goes back all the way to August 30, 1998 when they did their first Burning Man logo, a logo before there was even a Google beta or at least a logo for it. If you’ve really got a lot of time on your hands you could check out the whole Google Doodle library of logos, which is really something to behold.

As far as I can tell, this is the first video logo though there were those interactive ones including the Pac-Man logo…but that wasn’t video.