Google has been hard at work trying to ensure that everyone can enjoy video, from the options for creators to use translation services to make videos available in other languages to closed-captioning for the hearing impaired on YouTube, and even transcription services on Google Hangouts.  And now, it’s even better, as Google has announced a Sign Language Interpreter app to Hangouts, something that will allow the hearing impaired to invite an interpreter into the Hangout.  Hat tip, TechCrunch.

Google’s Sign Language Interpreter App for Hangouts

Google already has live transcription services and something called “Take the Floor” where those who want to sign can immediately go to the forefront of the Hangout if they want to use sign language.  Now, Google has added sign language interpretation to the Hangout game:


The interpreter will get their own window in the top right of the screen, and whenever they speak, they’ll be the focus of the Hangout:


Those who want to try out the app can click here.

Getting everyone you know to come Hangout is way better than having to leave them out because of technological limitations, and Google has definitely been diligent about trying to include everyone in the products they run.