Google Plus has been playing a bit of a supply-and-demand game with the social networking public. Since the service’s launch just a handful of weeks ago, there have been far more people interested in joining than there have been available invitations. Whether Google needed extra time to scale the service, or was simply trying to create buzz and demand, many would-be users have been shut out. Until now. With a brand new Invite button, there’s going to be a huge wave of new Google Plus users this week.

Google Plus Gives Users 150 Invites Each

Google Plus has just created a new way to invite people to the service in large groups, up to 150. And I’m offering all of mine to the readers of ReelSEO. If you’d like to try Google Plus but haven’t been able to get in… just click this link and you’ll be on your way (well, at least the first 150 of you will be):

For now, the new Invite button only allows 150 new users to sign up, but eventually it will be unlimited. The new Invite button creates a link that you can send out to large groups of people. When you click it, you’ll see the link, like this:

It’s actually ideal for use on Twitter–which is a service that Google Plus should be considered a competitor to in many ways. What I mean to say is that it’s ideal for broadcasting to followers with one posting… but in Twitter’s case, the link from Google Plus is so long that it won’t fit in a Tweet… you’ll have to shorten the URL.

Why Should You Join Google Plus?

Everyone’s experiences are different with Google Plus, largely because your level of enjoyment is directly tied to how many of your friends and family get on and give it a try. Most of my circle of friends and extended family are now on Google Plus, and everyone seems to be loving it.

Group video chat with Hangouts is easily the coolest feature, hands-down. It allows me to talk to my nieces and nephew, my cousins and uncles, and friends from college I haven’t seen in a decade–all at the same time if I want!

Hopefully, if you want to give it a try, you’ll get in on that link above before my 150 invites run dry. If not, rest easy… Google is clearly taking steps to help more people get in on Google Plus’ many benefits. Whether it’s lifting the 150-limit or coming up with something else, I’m sure eventually everyone who wants in will get in.

UPDATE: We’ve run out of invites. But never fear… we’re about to release Mark’s invite link as well, so another 150 are on the way soon!