Have you ever wanted to stick a video into an invitation for your next big event? Now you can with Google Plus Events.

Last week while Google I/O was going on, Google Plus rolled out a new component of its social network called Events. This is a fantastic addition to the platform.

Think of a Google Plus Event as an Invitation to attend something. A store opening, a party, a wedding, a product launch, an online Hangout… an Event!

When the Event is created inside Google Plus you fill in some basic info that incorporates many of Google’s products in one place… Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Places (local), and… you guessed it: YouTube.

As part of the Event visuals, you can add your own top image (called an Event Theme). These are cool enough (many of the preset choices contain tasteful subtle animations), but the Advanced Options for Events gives you the option to add your own Video (or anybody’s YouTube video) via a YouTube URL link.

Once you add in the YouTube link, the video becomes an Embedded part of the Event. When people go to ‘open the Event Invitation’ the video embed opens up (there is a neat ‘unfolding graphic’ effect added by Google Plus via the ‘blue tab’) and the Video is there to help people get jazzed about attending.

Make a short, compelling video explaining why the invitee will want to attend and you’ve got a compelling use of video as part of the invitation. Pure marketing genius stuff! Motion, eye candy, and sound, all part of the event’s invitation!

This is the perfect place to put your Video Teaser that gets people excited about the upcoming event. Keep the video short and compelling and I think you’ve got a winner here.

Google Plus Events allow you to invite anybody in your Google Plus circles or heck anybody you like, via email addresses, so it is not limited to only those that are currently Google Plus users!

How to Set Up Google+ Events Invitation with Video

Here’s a quick video that I did to show you how to set up a Google Plus Events Hangout Invitation

I watch closely how YouTube and Google Plus integrate, and to me, this is one of the most compelling uses of video inside the entire platform to date!

What do you think?

Does this new feature make you think more about adopting Google Plus as a way to use your videos? How about offering a service to the 250 million users where you will make short compelling videos for them to use for their upcoming events? Sounds like a good idea to me!