There’s a pretty good chance you’ve used Adwords before to help market your business. Millions of businesses have done so. And with good reason–search traffic can be some of the most valuable traffic you can get. Because there are so many Google users, placing an ad alongside the organic results is quite an effective way to drum up new business. But did you know you can do the same thing with YouTube, and you can do it from the Adwords system you already know and love?

YouTube serves up over 2 billion video views per day, and they do so because video is probably the most in-demand content variety there is. People love video, and a great number of them prefer it to text.

Google’s Adwords system has long included ways to connect your ads to YouTube, but a lot of advertisers have yet to take the plunge. To help illustrate the benefits of advertising with YouTube and to give in-depth how-to instructions, Google will be hosting a live online course on the Adwords Online Classroom (UK) tomorrow from 3pm-4pm GMT (7am-8am Pacific Time, U.S.).

To be clear–YouTube ads are very different from search ads, and target an entirely different kind of consumer. But that’s no reason to avoid jumping in. Advertisers have always been smart to follow the consumer eyeballs, and consumer eyeballs are definitely hanging out at YouTube. So what better way to get acclimated to the YouTube ad marketplace than to learn about it straight from the source?

The course will be facilitated by one of the YouTube Specialists and is open to all advertisers who are “interested in growing their profile on YouTube.” You do need to sign up in advance, and you can do so here.