If you care about how well your content–video included–ranks in Google’s search results, you probably try to pay attention to the many Google announcements related to their products and services.  But with so many products and services–and tons of specialized Google product blogs–it can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s easy to miss a big change to their search service or new product release. 

But now Google has done something to make it easier for you to keep tabs on what they’re doing, and it’s called Google New.  Google New is a one-stop shop for news about Google’s activities, from YouTube to Adwords to Maps.  Check out their video announcement:

The coolest part of this new information source is that you can customize it–so that only the Google products you want to stay up-to-date on are included for your view.  So if you’re obsessed with Android and Google Checkout, you can set your page to show those updates and leave out the latest news on Adsense or Analytics.

It’s kind of staggering to think about how huge Google has become. They’re so big, and have so many products, that they had to create a centralized location to collect all the various updates and information.  Crazy.  But this is a good idea, and a necessary one.  Of course, all the RSS feeds I set up for the numerous Google product blogs I follow are now unnecessary, but I’m okay with that.  Because this is a much easier way to stay in the loop on the things I care about.

I’m also not wild about the name Google New, if only because it’s one mere letter away from Google News.  I understand why they chose the name Google New, but it’s going to cause some confusion for some (hence my intentionally-confusing headline).  I’m not sure there’s a better option, though.

I imagine most of you try to pay attention to the updates Google makes to services that impact your video marketing efforts–YouTube, search, Android, etc.–so I wanted to share.  The less time we spend chasing down the latest news on products, the more time we can spend using those products to help gain more viewers for our videos.