Here’s something fun for a Saturday morning. It’s not remotely related to video, and only barely related to search, but it’s definitely cool and fun. And heck… it’s a Saturday… let’s let our hair down a little. Since many of us spend a lot of time on Google’s search engine doing searches and testing, I’m betting a lot of you will enjoy Google’s latest search-related Easter egg: snow.

The Google Let It Snow Easter Egg

Here’s all you need to do: go to, type “Let it snow,” and sit back and enjoy the show. What show? Why, the snow, of course.  Here’s what things look like as the snow begins falling:

Then, a few moments later, after more snowfall, it looks like this:

The page fills up with snow pretty quickly, and eventually begins to block the search results and the information on the page. No worries, though… you’re a seasoned veteran of winter fun… just write your name in the snow (I wrote “ReelSEO” but it’s not easy to make out in this image):

Pretty cool, eh? You have to love how Google keeps doing these little Easter eggs (like the barrel roll) that allow us to pause and have a little fun in the midst of our work.

I promise we’ll have some actual video-related content today as well, but I thought this was a nugget of fun worth sharing. Now go play in the snow.

UPDATE: As commenters have noted, this works in Chrome and Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. Sorry for any confusion.