I love when YouTube advertising content gets interactive. Granted, it’s usually a large brand with deep pockets commissioning interactive videos, and not yet something the average amateur filmmaker can accomplish on their own, but they offer a glimpse of what online video’s future might look like. Google has done this sort of thing before, with their Chrome Fastball quiz. And now they’re back at it again, to help spread the word on the new Nexus S smart phone with a fun YouTube video game.

The YouTube page is called Nexus Contraptions, and it looks like this:

The object of the game is to get the Google App icons (the spheres on the table in the screenshot) into the red funnels by using rubber bands, fans, and other objects that impact it’s trajectory. It might sound strange, but I can tell you that it’s far easier to understand and play than it is to explain. And best of all… it’s really fun.

So on the first board, you set the rubber band in the bottom left, and rotate it to the proper angle, like this:

The object is to drop the ball, and have your objects arranged so that it goes into the funnel, but the boards get pretty complicated pretty quickly. Like this one:

The game feels similar to Angry Birds to me–not in story, but in terms of its combination of fun and problem solving… as well as how freaking addictive it is.

This is a glimpse at what video might be in the near future… more interactive, more engaging, and customizable by each viewer. And it’s an incredibly fun way for the consumer to receive a marketing message. Kudos to Google for innovating and taking the advertising road less traveled. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play again to try and beat my record.