This week on the Reel Web we discuss several video news items from the past week… Google Hangouts On Air launch to all users, the purchase of Revision 3 by Discovery Communications, Amazon looking for original video shows, and more changes to YouTube’s platform and more.

Google Hangouts On Air Finally Becoming Available to Everyone

For several weeks we have been discussing the new Google + On Air and Google finally announced that it would begin releasing access to all users.  To begin you’ll want to click “Start a Hangout.”  Then invite people to join.  Be sure to name your Hangout and click “Enable Hangouts On Air.”  Because of the number of users on Google + they are rolling it out slowly.  Be sure to click on ReelSEO and Tim Schmoyer for notification when we have access to Google Hangouts On Air

Discovery Communications Purchases Revision3

Last week Discovery Communications, otherwise known as Discovery Channel, purchased Revision3 and all the network shows that are part of it on YouTube.  This is an example of another step towards the Online Video World and TV World merging as we go forward in the future.   Discovery Channel sees this partnership as a huge benefit since Revision3 is able to produce content at a far lower cost than Discover Channel and they plan to utilize the expertise and experience Revision3 already has in the online video space.

Amazon Looking for Original Web Video Shows

Amazon recently announced it is looking for content to feature on its Instant Video Network.  They have realized the benefit of having an original webseries on their platform and they are opening this up to all creators.  If they like your idea they will option the idea for $10 grand and if they decide to produce it you will receive $55,000 plus royalities.

Additional Changes and Updates to YouTube

YouTube also announced last week that they are investing an additional two hundred million into promoting their original content series on YouTube.  They plan on promoting across YouTube, Google advertising and other locations.  They also rolled out a new feature that enables YouTube to suggest channels they think you might be interested in based on a topic you search for.  If your channel is good at discuss a particular topic or niche, this could be a great boost for additional views and subscribers.

Finally in YouTube news, two YouTubers who are part of NBC’s Escape Routes Reality show are out performing the other contestants in terms of audience engagment and participation.  It appears that YouTube might be an easier social media site to encourage engagement then even Facebook or Twitter.

Kevin Nalty Explains How Big Networks on YouTube Work

If you are interested in learning how large networks like Maker Studios, Machinima and Revision3 operate and make their money on YouTube, Kevin Nalty has provided a great article that explains a lot of how they each operate as well as different revenue models they have.

QUESTION: Is your YouTube audience more engaged than your other social networks?

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On this week’s look at the Reel Web, Google Hangouts On Air are finally coming to all of us Google + users. Also, YouTube is dumping two hundred
million more dollars into original content here, and we’re gonna talk about some of the stuff that they’re doing to promote individual channels on
YouTube some more. All that and way more is coming up this week on the Reel Web.

Hey guys my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web where very week we just highlight some of the online video news for you
guys from the week before, and last week was a doozy. We’re even creeping into this week a little bit too, with the Google + On Air announcement,
which is rolling out to all of the Google + users. And any of you guys who have been watching these videos for, I don’t know, at least a couple of
weeks have probably heard me say how much I want Google + On Air. It’s gonna be so awesome for us to do YouTube Live in conjunction with Google
Hangouts and just to really start engaging with you guys.

To begin, click “Start a Hangout.” Invite people to join your Hangout. Name your Hangout and click “Enable Hangouts On Air.”

Because there are millions of Google + users, the On Air feature is being rolled out very slowly, it feels like, over the next couple of weeks. I do
not have it yet enabled on my Google + account, and here at ReelSEO, it is not enabled for our page either. But as soon as it is, you can be very sure
that I am going to jump right on that thing and look forward to hanging out with you guys, engaging, answering your questions just live. Also checking
out your channels, giving advice or recommendations for your videos, and just doing lots of cool stuff with you guys, some contests and giveaways, so
make sure you circle us on ReelSEO and me personally. Both of those links are in the description below. So as soon as either ReelSEO or myself,
whoever gets that first, as soon as we get the ability to do On Air Hangouts with you guys, we are gonna start plugging away on that.

Last week there was a big announcement from Revision 3 and Discovery Communications, which some of you may know is the Discovery Channel on TV. They
recently purchased Revision 3 and all the network shows here on YouTube that go along with it. There’s a lot of really cool details in that whole
story, and if you want to find out more, there’s links in the description below or you can go read about that. But what it means for us is that it
looks like Online Video World and TV World are merging even more, and we’ve seen that happen in so many ways. And what I read it sounded like
Discovery is saying, “Hey, we know that online video is where things are going and we want to be a part of a group that knows how to do it.” It is
proven that they can do it well, which would be Revision 3. They’re also saying that it costs us about half a million to seven hundred and fifty
thousand dollars per hour of video programming here at Discovery Channel, and so they said that the Revision 3 guys are doing it for far cheaper than
that. And they want to learn from Revision 3 guys how they can produce engaging, good, solid content for a fraction of the price than they’re doing
it. To me, it sounds like Discovery is really going in the right direction with all of this. Instead of seeing online video as something to compete
against or something that’s challenging them… Instead they’re saying this is something that we feel like we should partner with and learn from. So I
look forward to seeing what’s going to happen between Revision 3 and Discovery as they continue to merge and learn from each other. It sounds like
awesome things are ahead for both of them.

One thing I find in the news multiple times, pretty much every week when I prepare to shoot these videos for you guys, is that there are continually
more and more web series, branded shows coming out, and if I was going to report on all of them, that’s like all we would talk about every week. So
most of the stuff I just skip over, except for this one I think is especially noteworthy. Amazon is looking for some original content for it to
feature on its Instant Video Network. Having your own original web series on your platform is becoming so essential and critical to, it seems like to
the success of the platforms because that’s what engages people, what draws them to watching video on Amazon versus YouTube versus Hulu – wherever they
get the content that they enjoy. And having that exclusively for you rather than just kind of syndicating stuff that you can find almost anywhere else
as well. But the cool thing Amazon is doing is that they’re saying we’re gonna open this up to everyone. If you have an idea that gets picked as an
option that maybe that Amazon might consider, you just get ten grand for that idea. And if they take your idea and actually produce it into a show
with you, then you get fifty-five thousand dollars plus any royalties that come off of that as well. If you think that you have a great series or a
great show that would do very well, especially on Amazon, the link to that story where you can find out more information is below along with everything
else we’re talking about here today.

And speaking of original online video content, YouTube announced last week that they’re investing another two hundred million dollars into promoting
their original content series here on YouTube. In front of a whole lot of advertising executives, Google’s Vice President of Content said this:

“We will fish where the fish are…and it’s a might big pond. If you want to lead, join us now as the next seven years will be a lot faster than the
last. We can build audiences together. We can build brands together.”

He also said to his potential advertisers that he doesn’t expect them to invest money into what they are doing if they’re not willing to invest money
into it themselves. So they said, we’re going to dump in two hundred million, who’s with us. The money will go to promoting a lot of these original
channels that YouTube has initially invested a hundred million dollars in, as well as a lot of the top channels that are very successful here on
YouTube. They’ll be promoted across YouTube, across their Google advertising network, and many other places, and it makes me feel like the gap between
just like us normal creators and the big dogs – that gap is just gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger. Because, while I know YouTube cares about us
because they’re doing things like “Next Up,” creator’s program, and workshop training, things like that – the amount of money that they’re putting into
that versus the celebrity stuff and the big series and all that kind of stuff, it’s very, very miniscule. I think we’re getting like a couple hundred
thousand, not two hundred million. But before you get too disappointed, remember that this is the internet, and this still is YouTube, and anyone
still can rise to the top and become a big dog with enough innovation, with enough hard work, with enough blood, sweat and tears, and enough
dedication. I think anyone can do it. How’s that for a pep talk?

One new feature that did roll out to YouTube last week is now if you search for like a pretty general topic, YouTube has an advanced algorithm. They
say that now it can detect different channels that they think that they should recommend to you based on the topic you’re searching for. It all seems
to be part of YouTube’s shift to try to move away from being like an individual video centered website and more towards like a channel based centered
website. If you channel happens to address a popular topic here on YouTube and you happen to be one of the lucky ones that gets featured for that
topic, then you might see a nice boost in subscribers. For the rest of us, keep making good content that revolves around a very specific niche or a
search or a topic, and hopefully you’ll get to one of those spots eventually in the future too.

I am really not doing very good encouraging you guys today.

I have a question for you guys. I read a story about two YouTubers who are part of NBC’s Escape Routes reality TV show. As far as I could tell, the
show tried their best to pick contestants who have some pretty established audiences in social media because part of the whole show is engaging your
audience to help you with some of the challenges, to vote for you, to help you out with all this stuff. It was really actually kind of cool what they
did and how they intertwined reality TV with social media in like a real live kind of way. But what’s intriguing to me is that despite all these other
like sports stars and radio personalities and musicians and models – these people that have pretty decent audiences, the YouTube guys crushed it when
it came to audience engagement and participation. In fact, for eight out of the nine challenges they were ahead by over fifty percent from all the
other contestants on the show. And it made me start to wondering, okay, one of two things is happening here, and this is what I want to hear from you
guys. One, either these guys have such a huge audience and have such a great boost from cross-audiences from like Chez Carl and IJustine and other
people who have been talking about this. Or, YouTube is way more engaging and way easier to mobilize towards different causes and different projects
and events than an audience might be on a blog or on a radio or on Twitter or Facebook or any place like that. That’s what I’m wondering, and I want
to hear from you guys ‘cause I know a lot of you guys who watch these videos are people who create content here on YouTube yourself, and I wanna hear
do you think that your audience here on YouTube is more engaged? Are they easier to mobilize than the audience you have on Facebook or Twitter or
Google + or your blog or wherever else that people kind of surround your stuff. I’m really interested in hearing what you think the differences are
and how people on YouTube engage with your stuff versus other platforms. So comment below and let me know what you think about that because that would
actually be super helpful for me, and I’m just kind of curious how you guys feel YouTube interaction engagement kind of stacks up against what you’re
doing in other platforms.

And finally, if any of you guys are interested in hearing how some of the big networks here on YouTube kind of work and operate and how they make their
money – like Maker Studios and Machinima and Revision 3 and some of those guys – there’s a great article linked up below written by Kevin Nalty who you
guys know because he’s been on this show a lot. And he goes into great detail to explain a lot of this stuff, of how they work and the different
revenue models that they have. So if that’s something you’re interested in, the link’s below and thanks for hanging out with us, guys.

On Thursday we’re going to have our Creator’s Tip video as usual, and we’re gonna go through the advertisers playbook that we mentioned like a week or
two ago that just came out. And I’m gonna summarize all the highlights from that book for you guys who are using YouTube and want to promote
yourself. There’s a lot of great things in there. There’s also a lot of basic things in there, so we’ll kind of sift through all that stuff
together. So that video’s coming out Thursday, and if you’re not subscribed and you want to get that video and other stuff we’re doing for you, make
sure you click that button above this video here on YouTube or annotation around here as well. We’d love to have you guys join us, and I will see you
guys on Thursday for that Creator’s Tip video. Bye.