We’ve been hearing about Google’s video glasses for awhile, and today, Google released footage of Google Glass at work, by enlisting a team of skydivers, base-jumpers, and cyclists to deliver the images of the glasses in action via live video to Google Hangouts.  Available only to Google I/O attendees who are in the US for a price tag of $1,500 early next year, Google Glass will not be sold to consumers (yet).  But hey–people jumping off a blimp, jumping off San Francisco’s Moscone Center, and biking through a convention couldn’t be a better way to sell it to those who can buy it, and the video was posted today.

Project Glass: Google Glasses In Action

This is a nearly 24-minute video, and there is the usual conference stuff going on, when at the 6:52 mark, Google co-founder Sergey Brin interrupts a presentation about Google Events:

So they pretty much went the GoPro route there, and why not?

All the fanfare lasts roughly 11 minutes, but what a way to introduce your product, right?  It can take pictures and video and it can broadcast–the last part being a bit of a sticking point as to why this won’t be a consumer-ready product since there are different restrictions about broadcasting in other countries.

Pay attention to the details and features afterwards.  I like that Google thought of the person’s eye-line during the production of this thing.  It would have been weird wearing it and looking at someone wearing it with a small camera blocking one of the eyes.

Overall, impressive presentation.  Unfortunately not for everybody yet, but likely will be in some form or another down the line.