Google Glass came back into the human consciousness this week as Google unleashed a video showing all the cool things that you wish you could do with such a headset a couple of days ago.  Only, again, they showed this awesome thing only to tell you that you needed to interview for it by using Twitter and Google+, telling a story about how great you are and why you deserve one.  The Verge has gotten official word from Google that the camera glasses should be available for you and I to purchase by the end of the year.  I wonder if something in Google died inside when they decided to give that much information.

Google Glass Will Set You Back About $1500

It’s a POV set of glasses with a camera that you can voice command, shoots in 720p, and has access to all sorts of Google mainstays like their own search engine, maps, Hangouts, and more.  Joshua Topolsky at The Verge got a hands-on look at the new glasses, complete with video.

The video glasses will run just under $1,500, which is pretty steep, but is to be expected as there are numerous people out there who just have to have something first and are willing to pay the price for it.  These glasses make everyone seem like The Terminator (it’s no surprise that one of the questions asked of Google Glass is, “When did The Terminator come out?”), with a CPU wrapped around their head that is analyzing everything they look at.  When you read Topolsky’s article and watch it in action, you can’t help but think, “Cool!” but also letting a sense of dread creep in that it’s all the sci-fi nightmares come true.

Anyway, this nifty gadget is going to be sold over-the-counter soon.