It’s Friday again. I’ve still got a full whiteboard of work to do on the weekend and a terribly messy desk (I am letting entropy have its way there). So I thought I would inject some humor into the title to lighten the mood round here. Actually, the mood round here is fairly light already, it’s Friday, the whiteboard is full of games I have to play over the weekend for review and my desk is cluttered with cool electronics and things like Gunnar/SteelSeries professional gaming eyewear. And yet, you will be assmilated!

Right, enough ranting. It seems that Google is working to tie its TV solution into its smartphone solution, or rather, having you do it. Or perhaps it’s the other way round, smartphone to TV. Either way, you’re doing it thanks to their new API which will hit the Android Market er…soon. OK, so they’re not very robot-logic like in their release announcements. It just goes to show that the humans still run the show over at Google instead of the Androids.

This news actually comes from Logitech’s Director of Product Management, Kevin Simon, who mentioned it at the Future of TV thing that happened (I too am human apparently).

What does it mean? Well, nothing at the moment. I mean honestly, it’s the next logical step.

Google Internal Conversation (as witnessed by my imagination)

Sergey: OK, so we have this cool Google Android OS (pets plush Android on lap a la Dr. Evil).

Larry: And we have this Internet plus TV thing (while walking around typing on a Logitech remote).

Larry then bumps into the table and drops his keyboard on Sergey’s plush Android.

Sergey: Hey! You got your TV on my Android!

Larry: Hey! You got your Android on my TV!

(light bulbs light up over both heads)

Eric (Schmidt): Will you two stop fooling around already! Get to work on that Google Android TV API, we need more money!

(Larry and Sergey stop pretending the plush Android is typing a Google search on “Apple Sucks Oranges” and scamper out of the board room).

Eric (to self): Sheesh, no wonder those two needed me to be CEO.

(shakes head and goes back to playing with Google Pacman Logo)

No offense meant to any parties…it’s just, Friday. 4b 75 6e 67 20 50 61 6f 21 20 49 27 6d 20 6f 75 74 21