Google Android’s expansion in the US smartphone market is continuing to grow as the three month comScore average, ending Febraury 2011, showed that 33% of smartphone users are using Android, up seven percent from 26% during the previous three months ended November 2010. This is big news as as they are now the #1 OS for smartphones stealing the spot from RIM. Nielsen reported Android was 29% at the end of January which topped iOS (27%) and RIM (27%).

RIM did maintain second spot with 28.9% down a big 4.6% from the previous report by comScore. They seem to not be handling the increased competition so well and are dropping almost as fast as Android is rising. Third is still Apple who grew 0.2% to hit 25.2% for the three months. Both Microsoft and Palm also saw decreases to 7.7% and 2.8% respectively.

33% of the 69.5 million Americans with smartphones (only 29.7% of the whole US mobile market), up 6.3 million since the last report, is 21.75 million Americans a major section of people you should target.

You might remember that Nielsen just reported a 40% growth in mobile video usage so this is certainly an emerging market that you, as online video professionals, need to be catering to. With the shifting in the underlying operating system percentages, this could be a good thing for us all.

The iPhone is cool and great but with its lack of Flash, in a world where Flash dominates online video, makes it more of an obstacle to getting your video to the masses than a push for the world to adopt HTML5. Meanwhile, Android, which supports Flash, is growing at thirty-five times the rate of iPhone users. That means that your video, as is, can now reach even more mobile users and that cross-section will continue to grow rapidly.

Top Smartphone Platforms
3 Month Avg. Ending Feb. 2011 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2010
Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Ages 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers
Nov-10Feb-11Point Change
Total Smartphone Subscribers100.0%100.0%N/A

The thing that comScore is not tracking and Nielsen is? Mobile video usage, at least not in this report which is where it would make sense to include it. ComScore is still sticking to the old: text, browser, downloaded app, social network, games and music categories and doesn’t even seem to be polling its people on video usage. Meanwhile, Nielsen has a whole report just about that.

Come on comScore! Get on the boat here. I want to see a use of mobile video breakdown by operating system. You give us all sorts of online video stats but pretty much no mobile video stats. I can’t see comScore saying that video isn’t important nor that it’s not being used by that many people. The lowest number on their usage chart is 17.5% for listening to music. Of the 234 million Americans 13+ with mobile phones that comes out to about 40.95 million people. Sure, that’s almost double the 25 million that Nielsen says are using video, but music grew 2.5% between the reporting periods while video is growing at about 1.84%.

However, in my mobile video usage article I did predict, and still stand by, a big push for mobile video this year. Those new, bigger, faster, more powerful smartphones are just around the corner now and Q3 or Q4 of the year should see a pretty big jump if I’m correct. What’s the most popular operating system for those phones I’m expecting to drive up mobile video adoption?

Google Android.

Considering that smartphones only account for 29.7% of mobile phone subscribers in the US (13+) there is rapid growth coming in that area and with that will come massive growth in mobile video. Are you properly targeting and monetizing your video content for mobile platforms? If not, then you had better start now so that when the boom comes (some might say it’s already here) you are well-prepared and ready to take advantage of it. If you are already working hard at mobile video, tell us what systems you’re using or what you’re looking for and we’ll try to do some extra coverage in that area. After all, without you, ReelSEO is just a lot of media online with no purpose, right?!