Google Adwords Updates TrueView Video Advertising Options

YouTube is tinkering about with its TrueView advertising platform and reducing the formats available to advertisers down from three to just the two: ‘in-display’ and ‘in-steam’. The current option for ‘in-search’ will disappear and integrate within the ‘in-display’ format. As of the 15th of April, all newly setup Trueview video ad campaigns will come with these different formats and settings while older campaigns will automatically upgrade on May 15th. The new settings will allow advertisers to:

  • Organize TrueView around how a user interacts with the ad rather than where an appears (either by viewing as a pre-roll video or clicking on a thumbnail).
  • Tell Google where you they want their ads to appear at the campaign level (on YouTube videos, YouTube search and the Google Display Network)
  • Deliver more relevant ads on the YouTube search page (ads can now be tailored to different audiences or demographics, as well as target keywords.)

According to Google:

With this upgrade, advertisers can now use the same ad format (in-display) to run across the YouTube Search Network and YouTube Videos Network. The only thing that changes is how you control where your ads show. Before, you told us where to show your ads by using ad formats. Now, you can tell us where you want your ad to run by selecting a network for your campaign.

Google has issued the following handy guide to the changes:

AdWords for video campaign upgrade

The company has also confirmed that budgets and bids will not change after the upgrade and  budget and advertisers will still have access to historical performance data.