GoAnimate, the “do-it yourself” animated video platform have unveiled a comprehensive site revamp, including a major face lift for the home page, faster loading times for the actual video maker and streamlined access to the occupation-themed “action packs”, such as medical and restaurants. Their long-awaited integration with Common Craft has also gone live.

For those of you unfamiliar with Common Craft, they are one of the pioneers of the explainer video movement. Their videos have helped introduce the world to companies such as Twitter and Dropbox and in doing so they evolved a unique visual style, featuring hand-drawn paper cut-outs animated on a whiteboard. Over time, this style became associated with the concept of “explainer video”, and businesses developed an interest in producing their own Common Craft style videos. Common Craft began making the library of cut-outs available for their members, but there was still a problem. People needed an easy way to animate the cut-outs into a video.

Create Your Own Common Craft Video On GoAnimate

Enter GoAnimate. It turns out the two companies were fans of each other, and GoAnimate subscribers had been requesting a “Common Craft-style” theme for months. That theme is now live on the GoAnimate site for $59 per year.

Leading up to the launch, GoAnimate and Common Craft ran #ExplainerWeek on GoAnimate’s “Video Maker Tips” blog, featuring tips and tricks on how to write and produce an effective explainer video. That week concluded with an explainer video about making a Common Craft style explainer video on GoAnimate.