In response to the current election environment and just in time for the big GOP Debate on CNN (October 18), GoAnimate today released 20 unique (and amazingly accurate) animated character depictions of all the major political players in the Presidential race.  This includes eight of the current GOP candidates, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Congressman Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, and political media figures.

GoAnimate Gets Political

Without downloading anything or drawing, users can create custom animations of their favorite (or least favorite) candidates.  GoAnimate makes it possible for the average content creator with an opinion to create unique animated videos in just a few hours.

And GoAnimate doesn’t have a side in the election.  The company is on the side of debate and discourse and, of course, of humor, satire, and entertainment.  GoAnimate users can create a response to debates, speeches or campaigns, can animate key political moments, or they can produce animations to show how they wish our candidates would act.

Once created, users can share their animated videos by exporting them to YouTube, sharing them on Facebook or Twitter, posting to Tumblr, or embedding them in their own blog or website. GoAnimate gives video marketers a rich media way to join the political conversation.

Why create a plethora of political possibilities?  In a press release, Gary Lipkowitz, Vice President of Corporate Development for GoAnimate, said, “We took notice when many of our user-created videos turned political, even without the appropriate characters and backgrounds.”

He added, “Our aim has always been to provide a fun mode of expression for the masses.  Candidates and pundits are constantly talking at us, and people are trying to shout back in social media, but most of the tools are just text.  So we launched this project to provide rich media feedback tools — to empower everyday people to turn their comments into commentary — whether they’re responding to the debates, campaigning for a cause or recreating key political moments.  We can’t wait to see what people create!”

Of course, I couldn’t wait.  So, over the weekend, I made a handful of animated videos using the new characters and backgrounds.  It took me several hours to crank out the three that appear below.

Using The Debate Stage was easy.  Writing dialogue for the TV host and four candidates was hard.  Actually, I wrote dialogue for the TV host and eight candidates before I realized that I could only use four of them at one time.  Actually, I wish CNN imposed similar limitations on the real debates.

Check out “The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Debate.”

I should have removed the dashes in the “9-9-9 plan,” but that’s something I learned using GoAnimate for the first time.

Then I played with The Talk Show.  One of the TV hosts looks remarkably like Jon Stewart.  So, I cobbled together “President Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”  I know the “fake news” program appears on Hulu, but imagine the ability to interview a prominent political guest even if he or she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) sit across from the TV host.

I had to edit my script to change “$200,000” to “200,000 dollars,” so the computer generated voice would sound right.  But that’s another quick lesson that I learned without watching the free tutorial.

Finally, I tried to think of a client that might actually want to create an animated video featuring political characters.  So, I put together a pilot test for the executive educations programs at the Rutgers Center for Management Development.

The Pub was the perfect background for a story entitled, “Rutgers Mini-MBA: Cheers meets Jersey Shore,” which begins: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Joe Biden walk into a bar.

The only word that GoAnimate had trouble with was “Orabrush.”  Next time, I’ll try using two words, “Ora Brush.”

All in all, I was impressed with GoAnimate’s new political collection.  As the election season continues, the company plans to add new relevant characters and backgrounds. And I plan to go back and explore GoAnimate’s other web applications that enable users to create their own animated videos.  They’re free and fun.