It’s that time of the week where we take a look back at the best branded Vines for the past 7 days, courtesy of our friends over at Unruly. Halloween is slowly starting to creep in as a topic with Target one of many companies to use the platform in the run up to the big day. We loved their football snack themed Vine of last week and this week’s Candy Corn centred one is also excellent. The cat in the box Vine from Samsung has also made us smile, such a clever little idea. Let’s take a look at Unruly’s pick of the best branded Vines from the past week:

1. Target

Target are on fire with their Vine marketing campaigns at the moment, and this is a simple yet really effective little clip to promote yummy trick or treat candy. Halloween is just 3 weeks away so we’re hoping for more big things from them between now and then.

2. Intel

Life hacks make a great topic for any kind of video but are particularly well suited to the short form I think. Here, Intel show us a handy little tip about cleaning your keyboard with a post it note. Pro-tip: use the sticky section of the note.

3. Disney Parks

Disney have launched a Vine-only competition with a chance to win some lovely prizes, including the opportunity to create some official Disney branded Vines. Each day, one entry is picked to appear on the Disney Vine page and this is a very clever little clip of someone showing their #DisneySide.

4. Samsung Mobile US

A beautifully executed little Vine from the team behind the Samsung S Beam

5. Kentucky Fried Chicken

Who hasn’t wanted to chow down on KFC whilst devouring some hardcore Eng.Lit. text, eh? Well, now you can and this handy little Vine shows how you can adapt the ‘Go Cup’ to whatever you are doing. You’re still going to get grease on those pages though. Just saying.

6. American Apparel

American Apparel, whilst not peddling dubious t-shirt collections (NSFW), put together a quirky little display from lost and found photos and polaroids in their Lower East Side store. The one of that dog is a bit creepy though.