It’s a flimsy premise, to be sure, but I know lots of people out there will find this really funny.  “S*** Girls Say” has over 60,000 Twitter followers, and is run by writers/comedians Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard.  They released their first episode on December 12, and it’s really nothing more than a man in drag saying stuff we identify with women–a sort of non-offensive stereotype if there is such a thing–in a video full of quick-hit “girl-isms.”  Even Juliette Lewis makes a cameo and throws out some womanly tidbits.  So how long before they make this a TV series?

Ah, Girls Say The Darnedest Things

For those of you who’d like to take a look at what plays like a trailer for a Nora Ephron movie as interpreted by men, here’s the first episode:

I really like that conversation with Juliette Lewis.  “First of all…ew,” is pretty relatable colloquial speech.  This series is probably going to be way more watchable and funnier than it has any reasonable expectation to be.  It obviously could become a viral sensation, and/or get old fast.  It really teeters on the edge of both.  One thing is for sure, the quick, snappy delivery is perfect for the Internet.