At ReelSEO, we take pride in bringing you the latest news, tips, and opinions about online video. Over the years, we have been privileged to be able to share some of the most useful and insightful guest articles in the industry from people like Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR and Search Engine Watch, David Waterhouse of Unruly Media, David Murdico of Supercool Creative, Kevin Nalts of Will Video For Food, the gang at Video Army, and many more. And now there’s an easy way for you to become a contributing author at ReelSEO, using our new Contribute Form.

There are several ways to contribute and get featured on ReelSEO. We’ve spent a lot of time preparing and building out our new Contribute Form so that it’s as useful as possible for as wide a variety of contributors as possible. We’ve broken them down into three categories:

1. Send Us A Hot Online Video News Tip

As I’m fond of mentioning, we’re only human. Even though we do our best to keep up with the very latest breaking news in the world of online video, it’s impossible for us to catch everything. So the first new use of our Contribute Form is to allow other folks in the industry to send us news tips.

If you spot something out in the wild that you think ReelSEO needs to cover–a new product announcement, the latest online video survey or study, or even a hilarious new branded social video–the Contribute Form provides a simplified way for you to let us know. Simply enter your name and email, drop in a link to the hot video news tip, and click Submit.

It’s that easy.

When possible, we’ll include credit in the stories this form generates to those that brought them to our attention.

2. Submit An Online Video News Press Release

We get a lot of press releases sent our way. But until now, those were being sent to the same email inbox as the rest of our communications, which meant that a few got overlooked in the deluge of messages.

The new Contribute Form allows media relations individuals a way to send a press release directly to our press team for consideration. As usual, we can’t promise to write about every press release we receive, but we’ll do our best. We felt it was important to separate this kind of corporate communication from the rest of the messages we all receive, and give companies a way to send us their news releases directly and efficiently.

3. Write An Online Video Article For ReelSEO

Finally–and this is the big one–the new Contribute Form allows guest authors to send us story ideas or completed, fully-realized articles… all right from within the form.

Much like press releases, a lot of our guest author requests and suggestions get lost in the shuffle. We also see a wide variety of formats for guest posts sent our way: some are in Word, others are PDFs, and even more are just pasted in the body of the email.

So we wanted to give potential guest authors a separate place all their own for sending us article ideas or completed posts, as well as provide a more consistent format for our writers and editors to receive the content. If you just have an idea for an article, there’s a simple way to use the new Contribute Form for that. But if you’ve already got the article written, the form will also allow you to submit everything from the article’s title, to the accompanying images or videos, and the article itself.

So now, the new Contribute Form can handle everything a guest author might need. You can submit a story idea, which we can then give you feedback on to help with the writing. Or… you can submit the article in its entirety–images, links, body text, title, and all… right inside the Contribute Form!

Wrap Up – Contribute To ReelSEO Today!

It’s easier than ever to send ReelSEO a breaking online video news tip, a press release, or a guest author post. We think it will make it even easier than ever for the many great writers and businesses in the online video sphere to get important news, advice, and opinions in front of our readers.

So what are you waiting for? Contribute to ReelSEO today:

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