It’s been another great week for innovative video advertising, marketing and social video and we bring you five of our favorites campaigns from the past 7 days. Out of the bunch, two of the biggest hits are stunts pulled by Jimmy Kimmel, and Funny or Die. Kimmel resurrected some oldie-but-goodie YouTube memes and transformed them into hilarious Hollywood trailers. Funny or Die convinced a lot of people that hoverboards were a real thing and would be coming to market soon. Elsewhere, Save the Children imagine war on the streets of the UK and the impact that would have on the children – just like the impact it’s having on the children of Syria right now. Welcome to some of the very best videos of the past week:

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, the HUVr ‘hoverboard skateboards’ video featuring ‘Back to The Future’ actor Christopher Lloyd, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, musician Moby and pro football player Terrell Owens, was, gasp, 100% fake. Not only was it fakey fakey fake, legendary satirical site Funny or Die were behind it. Of course, that didn’t stop the video attracting 10,389,893 views and 584,556 social shares in just 3 days. Shame, because they looked super-cool. See how they did it here.

The first official TV ad for medical marijuana is due to broadcast to Comcast viewers in parts of New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois in April. Created by, “the only service that connects patients with physicians for medical marijuana recommendations”, it’s kind of sad to see how it plays up the stereotype of the sleazy Hispanic dealer. Will it be successful? Probably, but that may be due to the novelty factor rather than any real innovation behind the creative.

A less “fun” video than the one uploaded to YouTube from UK charity Save the Children, may be hard to imagine but it portrays a powerful message about the effect of war on young children. The charity asks us to recognize its efforts in Syria, even to people whose lives have not been overturned by war. Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening……

Insanely creative people are using Raspberry Pi for all sorts of exciting reasons but this video ad campaign is one of the first we’ve seen that uses the technology in such a way. Installed in a Stockholm train station, the advertising board was rigged up so that when a train pulls up to the platform, the woman’s hair in the video moves and blows about as the train arrives. Fantastically innovative.

For Oscar week, Jimmy Kimmel took the best of the viral video classics and re-imagined them as Hollywood Movie trailers. There were a bunch but Kevin Spacey as Keyboard Cat in ‘Ameowadeus’ the funniest by far. Way more entertaining than the actual Academy Awards themselves.

Stats by YouTube and Unruly.