Fun Video Friday: Video Games, American Football and Disney

With Super Bowl 2014 just around the corner, there’s a timely new guide out for those too liberal, too female or too British to understand the not-at-all complicated rules of American football. Also, Disney gets a taste of censorship, we find out if all of those hours playing GTA can actually make you smarter, and Vsauce ponders on the taste of human flesh, should we have ever wondered. Welcome to Fun Video Friday.

With Super Bowl 2014 just days away, everyone deserves a guide to merican football, even liberals, ladies and those from the United Kingdom. I have watched this 10x and I still don’t understand that much (being a limey lady) except that every American blade of grass on that pitch stands for freedom.

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “This Week In Unnecessary Censorship,” Jake Vale took on Disney’s Frozen, and gave it the hilarious censorship treatment. It’s crazy what a few well-placed bleeps and extra pixelated blurs can do. Very funny and, of course, SFW.

Apparently, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is stuffed full of CGI FXs and BrainstormDigital has put together a fantastic little compilation of them. The lion is actually genuine, who knew.

On January 24th, 1984, exactly 30 years ago today, Apple CEO and visionary genius, Steve Jobs revealed the computer his company had been working on. And while Apple’s core business today focuses on the iPhone and iPad, the Mac 128k was a game-changer. Apple has released this cool timeline that gives a potted history of the Mac from 1984 to the present day.

Keeping on the tech theme, NicksplosionFX has compiled the start screens of every single Nintendo game since the 1987. You’d be right if you think that makes it a lengthy video, it’s 2 hours and 50 minutes long to be precise.

ASAPScience ask if video games can make you smarter? Yes, they provide an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and too much playing can be as bad for you as too much broccoli (really) but unsurprizingly, the answer is yes.

The hammy old British actors are back to act out the latest inane YouTube commentary war. This time it’s about football and why Americans insist on calling it soccer. NSFW from the go.

Everyone and their window cleaner has done a parody of ‘Wrecking Ball’ so why not legendary “adult entertainer” Ron Jeremy? Insanely brilliant.

Ever wanted to know what a human being tastes like? Well, as we are made out of a lot of edible things it’s not such a stupid question. The meat on an average human body amounts to around 77,000 calories and that’s a lot of nutritional value for anyone who wants to feast on one. Yum.

We love us a bit of Vsauce at ReelSEO because, or perhaps in spite of the fact that, they follow a familar format. JacksFilms made a fantastic parody that highlights everything that great about Vsauce, from Michael’s distinctive narrative and mannerisms to the descriptive b-roll and graphics. Lovely.