Welcome all, from Anaheim, California where VidCon is now in full swing.  This is actually my first ever trip to VidCon, so I have no idea what to expect while I’m here.  But, one thing I can do is find entertaining videos, and this is a solid entry.  Most of them are solid, granted, but this one has some very meaty entertainment value.  You’re going to laugh, cry, perhaps feel a little fear…but mostly, this will get your weekend started right.

Fun Video Friday, August 2, 2013

This is great.  Rhett & Link team with Key & Peele in “How to Take A Photo.”  I guarantee some of this stuff is the basis for the stupid movie posters you see all the time.

Everyone who rides a subway car is familiar with the scenario: a panhandler walks on, gives his horrible story, and just needs some change.  Here’s the flip side to that, provided by College Humor (and Vitamin Water) in one of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen this year:

Feel-good story: Vitalyzd TV takes a homeless man off the street and gives him a dinner, a haircut, and even some dessert:

ZeFrank gives us “True Facts About the Owl:”

Bears are getting smarter, which is not good for us humans.  Check this bear out, stealing dumpsters from a Colorado restaurant two nights in a row:

Epic Meal Time cooks the 20,000+ calorie Meatball Deathsub:

Mary Doodles draws a beautiful tale of “THE BEAST:”

Household Hacker gives us the tenth in a series of life hacks in “Quick and Simple Life Hacks #10:”

Now that you’ve used your hacking skills for good, you can use them for mischief in this digital carjacking video from Forbes:

CDZA crosses 13 genres using Justin Timberlake’s “My Love” in “Justin Genrelake:”

Ronnie Street Stunts gets his Star Wars Parkour on with Jedi Free Running:

British Airways wonders if South African rugby player Bryan Habana can outrun one of their planes.  Kind of a strange proposition…

Not to be outdone, Adidas got FC Barcelona’s Leo Messi to put on this uniform of lights and look like he’s totally in a new episode of Tron in “The New Speed of Light:”

No surprise, Fox has a “fake ad” for their upcoming X-Men release, Days of Future Past called “Trask Industries: Your Future:”

Cinefix presents an 8-bit recreation of the movie Kick-Ass, which is getting a sequel this month:

Discovery Channel voice and personality Mike Rowe shows a voiceover trick that is pretty hard to believe:

Minute Earth wants to know what exactly is the hottest place on the planet:

Minute Physics asks, “Do we expand with the universe?”

You ever wonder what the life cycle of poop is?  Yeah, ASAP Science has:

Vsauce wants to know what exactly will we miss in the very distant future:

As always, have a terrific Friday.