It’s Friday so sit back and watch some of our favourite videos of the week that we have picked especially for you. Yes. you. Lots of science type ones and a couple of music ones – and one that combines science and music. Also someone strapped a GoPro camera on the back an eagle and we get to see the results and one menacing ginger tabby takes on an army of paper ninjas. I won’t spoil the ending for you. Enjoy!

Stock videos don’t have sound (what, you want the moon on a stick?) so that makes them ideal for some sarcy genius to overdub a load of inappropriate sound affects over footage of adorable families doing family things together. Anyone that’s ever been on the receiving end of one of those damn image copyright letters salutes you, Getty Dubs.

Is there anything more fun than celebrating your birthday at work with people who you have no more in common with than you share the same stretch of carpet? A bit sweary:

So apparently Grand Theft Auto V was released this week, should you have missed all the hype by, I don’t know, being in a coma or something. CollegeHumor takes us through the game from a dull as ditchwater perspective. The shower scene is particularly realistic.

This excellent short film from Creatura pits an army of paper ninjas from C.A.T against one crafty ginger pussycat. It’s a war out there people.

Who knew Cookie Monster knew so much about movies? It’s like IMDB come to life.

Jeff Wysaki and his Pleated Jeans channel take us through the correct way to eat a variety of food such as the banana, sushi and broccoli. The instructions about how to consume the 100 calorie snacks are 1000% correct.

This is fantastic – a 50 year journey through the most iconic guitar riffs of all time from the crew at collectivecadenza. Fact man is a nice addition and YouTubers are being helpful as always and pitching in with Spotify playlists via the comments.

Quantum String Theory as told through the medium of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody? Yes, please oh and take this: *applause*

So, someone strapped a GoPro camera onto an eagle, let it fly around the French Alps and made the smart move of uploading the footage to Reddit where everyone in the world then wrote about it. It is hugely impressive though.

minuteearth spent time this week telling us all about the biggest organism on the earth. I wish we’d had YouTube when I was at school – I may not have failed science quite so spectacularly….

And following the science theme, the ever reliable Vsauce explain who owns the moon. Clue: it’s not going to be anyone that was given one of those ‘You own a bit of the moon!’ certificates anytime soon.

I’ll admit it, Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year so I see nothing wrong with this video. Pumpkin flavoured anything though? Nope.

Your Time Lapse Videos Of The Week

Filmmaker Jason Phipps spent days camped out on Trego Peak to capture this amazing time-lapse footage of the Burning Man festival.

That’s it folks. Tune in for more next week!